1000 Islands, Classic Woody Boat heaven

So. Ya own a classic boat or you are thinking of getting one. Or. You just are in love with the romance of the life around these boats. The place to go is the 1000 Islands NY home of the Antique Boat Museum. www.abm.org. It’s also home to hundreds of classic and antique boats. Living and breathing. Being used. Tucked away in boat houses. On our first trip we came over the bridge crossing the St. Lawrence And looking below was a beautiful pre-war triple. Just going about its way. Through out the weekend we saw countless other great boats. Mind you it was during the boat show. But many.. the most interesting were local and not in the show. They were in there natural environment. Being used to get groceries, some rough, some nice. But all being used. It was a joy to see and experience. We stayed at a lovely place called the heart house. It is across the river from Clayton. www.harthouseinn.com Going to the 1000 islands is more than a travel destination. Its a time travel destination. Not manufactured. Not staged. Its a way of life that is preserved and enjoyed because it works..