1000 Miles. 1000 Islands. 1000 Smiles!


Just came from the chiropractor. mmmm something about 26 hrs in a car in three days.. blah, blah.. I ate mostly Wendy’s frosties. Dang that sugar can keep you going for a while. The show was worth it. The most interesting thing is that there is a small group of nuts that travel from show to show. From FLA To Canada. Like Dead Heads from the Grateful Dead concerts..mmmm Wood Heads! Dang. How do they do it?… Wait. If I am seeing them, what am I doing? How am I doing it? WHY am I doing it? The drive is kinda fun, alone its boring, but the destination is always worth it. The boats are great to see, and usually there is a new this or that. At this show it was seeing Pardon Me, and some nice other boats, a killer Express Cruiser, A very well done 17 foot Barrel back named Loon. etc. But hands down the reward for going to such things is the community. The people. Running into folks with similar interests. These shows are the only place that we meet other than online. If you think about it. We are a very small group. 10,000-15,000 at most. In the world of hobbies, this is very small, and spread through out the country. Shows like this bring us all together to compare notes and just have a good belly laugh about things that we think only happen to us. It’s nice to know that someone else is dealing with bungs popping and what to do with 5200 and were does one stop or keep going. The only thing missing is a chiropractor to make the drives better… Big thanks to Jim Shotwell of James Craft Kit boats for letting me camp in his trailer for postings, and fellow Woody Boaters, Dan and Alan for some major belly laughs.