1947 Aroline Cabinaire. Yes It's Not Wood, Yes It's Not Cool But…,


OK to be honest, at first I thought Dang! What a traffic accident of design. Looks like the cabin of a 30 foot boat crammed onto a small lake fishing boat. BUT. Spend some time with this little Aroline and it grows on you. You have to shift your brain from cool to utilitarian. This little devil is what it was all about, delivering the mail, food to your little island getaway. If you have a small lake house this is the perfect boat. Paint Shuttle on the side. Heck donate it to the local post man so he can make classic boat mail deliveries. Anyway, thanks to the never ending display of barn finds on eBay we have another oportunity to live in the past. eBay item # 270258136251 from Jimmy’s Scooter shack… Dang I can’t make this stuff up. And yes for those of you wanting more there is a www.arolinerfanclub.com the name says it all.

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  1. Kiwicafe
    Kiwicafe says:

    . . . is this suitable for the waters off New Zealand?
    what a cool Blog, certainly more of an addiction than a hobby, i could get lost in here for hours and hours and . . .

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    HA, What is it about this little boat. Looks like a reconasence plane in the water. You would sink and die, You need a Chris Craft sea skiff.

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