2010 Clayton Antique & Classic Boat Show.. Hello.. Hello! Ugh…

The latest eye ya i  phone still in use in Clayton NY.
First… Please get up from your computer… Come on stand up… we’re waiting.. Come on.. Now.. please.. a standing ovation for Texx and Krunch… Texx, you knocked it out of the park and have put Woody Boater in a tough spot. We may actually be taken seriously now. This is like one of those bad Hollywood Movies were the stand in takes over as star.. Only in this play, there is no star, so I suppose its not the same…..Ya see this year we were going to be able to report live. I had my system all set up and tested.. Algonac worked very well, we could have a story up in 1 minute. But…Clayton…  No cell service? What town on the planet does not have cell service? Clayton! Oh and don’t even ask about data roaming or getting web from the Museum.. I got chewed out by there IT person for asking. I am trying to help here.. I suppose IT people are not trained in social interaction.. HA.. Thanks to Peter Mellon who got me the pass so I could borrow some WiFI, but that did not work.. So… Texx….. He would go back to his room and post a story. And dang.. we all laughed that there was no need to do anymore after the first one. And where is he getting all the info from? And those rides? Congrats to to Texx… Now Krunch.. It’s the darnedest thing.. We can be in Alaska in a hut in the woods. With only 3 people within 1000 miles.. And that 3rd person will say.. KRUNCH… how have you been? No one.. NO ONE can pull off a cap like he can!  Now.. I took 300 photos on the phone.. And it’s clear that I see things a tad differently, and that’s what makes it all fun. And I thought.. gives a complete picture of the show.. so without further adoooo… photos and captions… though the eye of one slightly off center eye…
We parked right in front of ACBS HQ…

We got banner space and a trash can.. Woohooo. Traffic!

lots of cool stuff at the flea market… But the smallest I have ever seen.. Come on.. There was space for a ton more stuff.

Oh look shiney things.. My A.D.D was in full swing. Thanks to Wade Technology

This one had my name on it


I had bow envy!

Is it just me.. I am sick, I take this tour of a very very nice house boat and I take pictures of molding on the paneling…

This image sums up Clayton for me.

What a boat.. Dang

Someone has to much time on there hands..This display was out of control..

Wild Goose being restored.. Live at the show in the Museums workshop

Black looks great.. Except it shows all the drool marks.. This killer one of a kind GarWood was right next to Misty Morning… I am surprised that folks were not dropping in the water. OH.. And there on the dock was a photo from the NY boat show back in the day with the two boats together. DEAR GOD!

It used to be if I saw two protruding round things.. I thought of something else.. I am getting old..

Look who showed up… This is the truth… I was talking to someone and I did not notice her behind me driving into the show.. But I smelled her.. What is that all about?? I knew her smell! My heart pounded as I turned.. There she was… And no it was not the smell of gas.. It was good to see her again. Thanks to Herb from The Antique Boat Center for making it up to the show..

But oh.. This 1954 U22 took all the romance away from my dear Barrel back..is this cheating? She was within sight? A threesome?  This U22 was drop dead stunning

But… Lily still takes the cake… And Best of Class… This little 18 footer from Fellow Woody Boater Chad Durran is one amazing boat. Down to the New old stock vintage spark plugs…

Best of Show, take a bow… Do I really need to say who this is..It’s getting to be a tradition now…

Heaven is a boat ride on Lily… Thanks Chad for the ride.. I smell spark plugs!

Lymans.. More Lymans Brother! Taking a picture for his brother… Oh Brother.. LYMANS!

Trying to stay ahead of all the boats selling at the auction… Writing down all the prices and the reserves..

Rebekah! what are you doing here?

Its a …. Sea-sure?

We stopped into antique Boat America.. WOW.. Where were these boats in the auction.. This express is killer and priced right

we had a nice room at the Thousand island Inn.. mmmm salad dressing

On the ride home.. We stopped to take a look at the barn find Futura.. WOW, its all there… and very nice.. Perky….
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love the new header! It's always good to have different points of view. That black Garwood is a killer boat!


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Cool, I know that's a Lyman check out the plumb stem. Plus you saw the Irwin a local lapstrake that you do not see very many of and at first glance can fool you into thinking it is a lyman.

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