The 25th Annual Chris Craft Rendezvous Officially Starts!

If the cruisers Rock'n?

If the cruisers Rock’n?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Ron Stevenson we get transoms today! As Ron reports.. “The Chris Craft Rendezvous officially starts today and runs through Sunday. Almost 100, that is ONE HUNDRED cruisers are signed up for this event on its 25th Anniversary!  Twenty showed up two days before on Wednesday, Thursday has about 70 here, enough that dinner and a band was scheduled.”


Isnt it always?


-5 -6





Genus display!





The plastic box is a nice touch! It says, Cinnamon, meets mahogany, meets walmart.



I think this is a typo.. Should be Countless, as in varnish, cash, and gas





Arn’t they all at that age?


Sure! Right!


I got nothing to add!


Parts anyone?


Thats it for now. Ron will be reporting in over the weekend!

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  1. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Oh no….the Woody Boater Connection is gone again! It was a good run… and my 6v bilge pump works great!

  2. Dave Clyne
    Dave Clyne says:

    Let’s be perfectly clear on this. There cannot be enough photos of these beauties this weekend. I personally would love to see interior shots of Cinnamon Girl. Please and thank you.

  3. Michael Bratton
    Michael Bratton says:

    We just returned from a perfect day in Port Orchard and can say that this years Rendezvous was outstanding. SO many nice cruisers in one place. A stunning amount of varnished “old growth” mahogany.
    As the former owners of Cinnamon Girl (’84-’91) we have enjoyed getting to know her current owners and have admired the results of their continuing restoration.
    I encourage everyone to check out the Rendezvous!!

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