7 1/2 Weeks, 51 Days, or 73,440 Seconds til Dora. But Who's Counting?

ME!. The gods are smiling on us. It’s been spring like weather, with out the pollen. We are varnishing our brains out. Finding “oogies” and finally seeing the results of all the hard work. It’s taken a team of 4 guys with what looks like close to 2000 hrs of work to pull this off. Amazing. I am sure humbled by the work that my pals have done. It’s hard work and can be difficult to maintain interest and passion. Someone told me that the average amount of time that crews can sustain working on such things is about 1 year. 3 years is beyond a job. It’s a passion. If not for the countless pals around the country and the web, we would be sunk. Thanks