A Fun Day On Lake Mohawk


Party time on Lake Mohawk! N0te the cool pink interior!

Having been to many shows over the past years, I have learned that what makes one show different from others is not the boats. Yes, each show has its different boats.. But the real difference is the setting, and the people. And thats why we keep coming back to Lake Mohawk. It’s a fantastic setting with some fantastic people. To call this event a show is a bit off. This was more of an gathering, or event.. just for fun. And it delivered in spades. It was a mountain of fun, down to the final drop of the sun. Katz’s Marina and The Ploetners put on an amazing party! And thats what it was. Folks from all around came out, even though at times it looked like a scene from the ten commandments. Never mind that the boats were amazing. But folks were constantly out on the water having fun.. And to top it all off, the parade. it was the best one I have been to.. Folks line up all around the lake and have parties and wave. Imagine that. An entire community enjoying this party. Even at lunch, folks were showing up in 1930’s clothing. It was great. Here are just a few of the fun pics.. OUT ON THE WATER NOT AT DOCKS!

After 2 years, my first time in Thayer IV.. Really. I had somehow never been on the boat. What a thrill.. And yes I did the circles in the water. What fun

Here we are out with Jimmy on Yannon, and Thayer IV passed by. Yes thats a real sky.. Yikes.. The storm passed us by by inches!

A stunning Century. Katzallac, guess what sort of engine is in there.. and who owns it! And yes that is Miss Sparta in the back seat..

Stay tuned for some amazing water shots of Thayer IV, we got out there again and worked the crap out of those two lenses! Thats the Ploetners Perfect Chris Craft hardtop. That thing is amazing in the water!WOW!

I told you. Its amazing in the water. What cool lines. Easy driving and a very social boat!

Stay tuned for more..



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  1. Joan Greene
    Joan Greene says:

    What fun the Lake Mohawk boat show was. Just good fun boating in a beautiful setting, surrounded by enthusiastic onlookers. Thank you Woody Boater for coming to the show, and thank you Don and Seth and your families and your teams for taking on such a daunting task and doing it perfectly!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    What would make it even more fun would be if any and all WB representatives who attended next year’s show sported mohawks, in honor of the Lake’s name.

    All in favor? Aye.

    All opposed? _____.

    The ayes have it. Motion carried. Woohoo!

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Sorry I can’t comply Alex. Nature has already eliminated any chance of me having a Mohawk. I could possibly do a Bozo doo though.

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