The First Run In The First Racing Runabout On Lake Dora 2014! UPDATE, UNO WINS BEST OF SHOW!

Tommy at the helm of UNO - Lake Dora

Tommy at the helm of UNO – Lake Dora

Thanks to the good folks at Katz’s Marina for being the first in the water this season. We had the opportunity to try out our camera and go pro for the first time. The trip was a short one down the lake and through the Dora canal. Actually a very nice trip.

One of the great runs while on Lake Dora. The Dora Canal is a very nice calm 20 minutes.

One of the great runs while on Lake Dora. The Dora Canal is a very nice calm 20 minutes. Note Stacy is taking a photo.


One thing is for sure. Lots of smiles!

One thing is for sure. Lots of smiles!


The entire gang was out for some woody boating.

The entire gang was out for some woody boating.


The subject boat is the very rare and number one prototype 1949 Racing Runabout. UNO. Note the one of a kind blue interior. All the others come with a red interior. I love this boat. By the way, it is very very fast. We tried out a new rig with a new go pro. Sorry its a bit choppy and short, but I had to throw away a ton of bad footage. Learning curve..

Today is the day everyone shows up for the party to start. Expected temperature… a cool 80..

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    Thanks Chad, its a thing I created, lots of electrical tape as well. the camera takes a beating. Trying new things. Lots of wasted footage. More today. Cant wait to get a drone

  2. john crary
    john crary says:

    looks great!! will there be go-pro of the post ride festivities at Al’s Landing? keep the pics coming! thx! john

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    I dunno. Watching that clip, I got déjà vu of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A little psychedelic. Change the soundtrack to White Rabbit and it would be positively trippy man.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    13 when I woke up, currently 23 at the Rochester airport. Somehow I made it last security yet again, so I should be seeing all y’all and 80 degrees and sunny soon!

    Add me to the list of those looking forward to you mastering the go-pro.

  5. Tom F.
    Tom F. says:

    Love the GoPro footage. Why not in the future Woody Boaters with GoPro’s send in there favorite footage. GoPro week on Woody Boater!

  6. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:


    This is the first postwar 19′ Racing Runabout, but Chris-Craft’s first 19′ Racer came in 1936 with the prewar series. Two postwar R&Ws had the blue interior.

    This boat was found and restored in the mid 1980s by Don Veihmeyer then sold to Cap Peckham (both in CA) then named ‘Lightning’. It has the ss carb cover because it was tested with six different engines prior to delivery in 1947 including the KBL, Gray Fireball 160 and others.

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      Many thanks for the specifics on this wonderful CC Racing Runabout.

      Your reference to the pre war version stirred some memories . Last summer , while covering the Clayton show, I came across “Miss Florida” a 1937 model that was actually raced in APBA sanctioned events . According to her current owners, the Williams Clan of Versailles Kentucky, “Miss Florida” was purchased from the factory by the Morrow Brothers, who briefly campaigned her in “E Class” races in the sunshine state before peddling her to Caleb Bragg’s (of Baby Bootlegger fame) nephew Langdon Lows.

      Lows allegedly set a one mile straightway record with Miss Florida on Biscayne Bay, only to see it snatched away a few days later by a challenger . Consequently there is no record of the record run in APBA archives .

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Woohoo! Airborne and on the way to see that sun thing I keep reading about.

    Loving the inflight wifi, streaming Elmore James and Woodyboater access. Can’t wait for Troy’s first go-pro video.

  8. TomH
    TomH says:

    The other racing runabout with blue interior has been recently restored here in the northwest but hasn’t hit the water yet.

  9. Mqqnize
    Mqqnize says:

    Can you give the hull no. If your red/white? If it is a 1949 then it cannot be a no. 1 prototype. I have hull no. 116 and it is a 1948. I have copies of all racers hull cards so I can tell by hull no when, where and original equipment.

    • Brian Robinson
      Brian Robinson says:

      It is R-19-001, Matt just typo’d and put 1949. Mqqnize, what is your real name so I can add 116’s owner to my data base? I have all the hull card records and current whereabouts in Excel.

      • Dennis
        Dennis says:

        Sorry, my hull no is 110, not 116. Name is Dennis Naylon from Put in Bay, Ohio. Finished restoring after 6 years inMay of 2008. Will try to attach a picture of her.


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