A Great Time On The Patuxent River Cruise 2009


From Fellow Woody Boater Howard P. Johnson Jr.

Sunday, August 16, ACBS Chesapeake Bay Chapter members enjoyed old time boating on Maryland’s forgotten river – The Patuxent. Seven boats and many members showed up at remote, Magruders Park with food and folding chairs to enjoy the hot summer sun and dazzling water scenery. The Chris Craft boats decided not to cooperate. Jim Schiller’s gorgeous `50 Rivera’s points would not conduct a spark, despite half an hour of frantic filing and dripping sweat. Finally, the author raced to his home and snatched a known set out of a good engine. Meanwhile Jeff Blunt arrived with his gorgeous 1940 Special Runabout 16’, – Sanda. Under power, the head gasket began to leak, causing the engine to miss badly. Meanwhile Tim DiGennaro, who had just tuned Howard’s `68 Mercury 65 to perfection, brought wife,Wanda and his new 14’ Baracuda with `55 Buccaneer outboard. A few test rides showed a faulty fuel pump. At least they got to test it, visit with friends and enjoy a great lunch.

Beautiful scenery, shady trees and a picnic table piled high with delicious food helped keep the impatient members quiet. Our President, Dominic Fiaschetti, and his first mate, Maryann had cooked sausages and dogs all the day before. Finally the boats got lined up, guests aboard, and took off for sandy beaches downriver. Only Canada can offer more scenic views than the Patuxent. A few other boats went by as the mahogany beauties paraded past the wooded shores.

Suddenly the group was approached by a renagade. Up from Broomes Island, the occasional member Buddy Parks and Judy Planzer zoomed into close formation with the cruisers, – in his beautiful `60’s Grady White 16’. With the half way down river mark of the Benedict Bridge in view, they veered to port and approached the beach. Howard and Cheryl’s guests, Walter and Teri Leisershon handled the depth checking duties to protect the Merc’s prop, while Chris Brown took pictures. One by one the boaters pulled their bows up on the beach and hit the water to cool off.

What a wonderful, dazzling spot, – bright sun, cool breeze, great friends and sweet water. There was no lack of kidding, boat admirers and pool toys. Hark, – thundering toward us, a mahogany, Century Resorter approached with big spray coming from the bows. Ray Glen and sons pulled in after exhilarating water skiing. Soon after, all agreed they were ready for the return run and a second lunch!

Mahogany boats under power. Everyone grinning ear to ear. Beautiful scenery and majestic wakes. Friends enjoying the best of the summer, soon rounded the last point. The crowd was bigger than ever with late comers waiting for a boat ride, and more delicious food!

What a great way to spend a summer day. When do we ever relax in the shade and hang out with friends and boats? For these hours, we held on to summer, relaxing in the shade, filled with fun and food, the issues of life forgotten, – this is as good as it gets. Thanks to all that helped make this happen. Come on and join us, – next year!

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    Anonymous says:

    I am green with envy. Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend. Down here in New Zealand spring is just starting to show so my Century Arabian and Resorter will soon be out on the water hopefully. Love the shots you posted.

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