A New Year With A New Woofy Boater.


loki 3Meet Loki Wise, a wonderful addition to the Woody Boater family. Loki is part of the Wise family located down in Florida. Now, some of you may recal the stories we have done on Christopher Wise and his amazing Patina Queen. This is one of the top ten boats in our favorite list of top…well 10 boats we love. Well, Christopher sent us in this report, and a reminder that they are Woody Boating someplace all the time.

patina Queen

loki 22

Go Loki Go!

A late December afternoon in sunny Florida seemed like a great time to hit the river and train a new member of the Wise Boat Works team.

Yup, thats the boat his grandfather built. See Loki’s cushion. If you have not read this story, get out your tissues and click here. THIS is what it’s all about! CLICK HERE

Loki, At just over a year old and under 20 pounds, his stats are not big but his personality is! He found his spot on the boat right away.

Here he Loki supervising Harrison at the helm.

Great weather, smooth water and a great crew! Happy New Year from Lake Monroe!!

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Looks like a great dog..

    Happy New Year to all..

    and hope you are rootin’ for FSU in the game later today.

    in Tallahassee.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It is funny that I clicked on Woodyboater to see a story about a new boating canine when it was our new boating canine that just ruined my plans to sleep in until tomorrow!

    Happy New Year all (or all y’all in the south)!

  3. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Happy New Year to all in the Woody Boater family! Dogs being a great part of that family, welcome to Loki
    Glad today has gone to the dogs, Iove it when that happens.

  4. Jim Staib & Jaxon
    Jim Staib & Jaxon says:

    I adopted Jaxon in 2014. Or maybe he adopted me, hard to tell. He hates water. Won’t even step in a puddle. Sorta glad. After what he did to my hardwood floors he would destroy a boat in one outing.

    • Tobler Fine
      Tobler Fine says:

      Those scratch marks on the floor and boat are called “patina”. Here you can see some patina I added to the sofa. Tell Jaxon boating is lots of fun and you don’t have to get wet as long as you get a good seat.

      • Jaxon Staib
        Jaxon Staib says:

        I have skillfully applied patina to his house, yard, truck and the whole neighborhood including some neighbors houses when I get loose. He keeps me away from the Harley and the boats. Tell Tobler to keep up the good work!

  5. Allen
    Allen says:

    Our Charlie goes everywhere when we boat. He loves early morning Golden Pond circles we do about 7 am…..cup of coffee and mist on the lake…….

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