A Perfect Day On Lake Dora, And Thank God For The Rain!

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Fla 2016 Ladonne face

YNOT go out for a morning ride. The LaDonnes know how to have fun

Man-O-Manischewitz what a day on Lake Dora we had. WOW! We must have all said to ourselves 5 times. What an amazing day and thank god we are here. If you believe in more gods, thank them too. The day started with an early sunrise morning ride.

FLA 2016 Wecatchem sun run

Jimmy headed to the sun! Man that Van Ness engine just purs!

FLA 2016 Sunrise lap

Others were headed out for the same thing. A beautiful little Lapstrake.

The light just lit up anything around, and we headed to Mt Dora. While on the way back the YNOT Yacht gang was out tearing up the lake and giving rides.We did a little photo exchange while driving. WOW. A entire 10 minutes of racing around and a years worth of headers. So enjoy!

Fla Ladonee 31 Header?

The Cigarette, one insane Formula and Burt’s Baby Gar – Photo Aarron LaDonne

fla ladonne -2

Burt’s Barracuda. LOVE! Photo Aarron LaDonne

FLA ladonne -30

Amazing, Load, Fast and fun – Photo Aarron LaDonne

Fla Ladonne 3

WoooHooo Photo Aarron LaDonne

Fla ladonne 9

Chris Craft and Formula – Photo Burt Harris

Fla ladonne 6

Lets Go. Photo – YNOT Yachts, Burt, Aaron? They all can shoot an insane photo

fla ladonne 10

Outta no where a stunning Gar Wood apears. Such is the magic dance of a Lake Dora Sunrise

Fla ladonne 20

Amazing photo YNOT Yachts

fla ladonne 11

WECATCHEM – jimmy shooting photos. Photo YNOT

Fla ladonne Wecatchem 2

WECATCHEM working her Van Ness off – Photo YNOT Yachts

Fla ladonne WECATCHEM 1

This is at 2000 RPM! Yikes thats some torque!

FLA Ladonne Wecatchem 5

This will be a header one day! photo YNOT Yachts


The top was up because we were suposed to have a little rain durring the day

Fla ladonne Wecatchem 22

More headers

Fla Ladonne Wecatchem Header 1

Another header. YNOT Yachts photo

FLA 2016 Shoot boat

Back to the dock, the Classic boating gang was a little late to the dance. This amazing Bertram is the shoot boat while Frechette is headed across the lake for the Classic Boat shoot. Hey, are they out here?


FLA 2016 Classic lap2

Waiting on Classic Boating.

FLA 2016 Frechette 2

Jim Frechette, Hey, have you seen the Classic Boating guys?

FLA 2016 Frechette phone

No calls. Does an Iphone go with the boat?

FLA 2016 Classic Boat shoot

The Classic Boating guys showed yp just in time and the boats headed over to the other end of the lake!

The entire gang all met up at the Woody Boater tent to rest and wait for the rain which was expected around noon. Which by the way is perfect, since you can go get lunch..


Jim Frecheete with a rare Left armed long sleeve?

OHHH no! Turns out rain is good for retail. The tent was JAMMED and all the long sleeve shirts sold out along with left over Sons of varnish hoodies. WOW. Blow out sales.


$1,500 in sales in two hrs of rain! Now called Retail Rain!

We even put to use the fuel sticks. no one knows what those things are. but when they do. GOLD. As one guy said. It’s the cheapest half point you can buy!


PERFECT!kept the rain away – The rain stopped and show just kept on going!

FLA Ladonne Matt Wave

Thanks for reading. Come on back later.

We will be here today Sunday, all day, going out and selling out.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The red “baby gar” looks more like a Donzi. Also, is that a ton of Photoshop work, or does the water in Lake Dora actually look like water now? From the photos it looks much cleaner/clearer with the spray appearing white and not greenish yellowish brown. Or was it brownish yellowish green?

  2. Greg Lewandowsk
    Greg Lewandowsk says:

    Matt, great header shot. One of the best WoodyBoater waves I have ever seen. You got it down, man!

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Dang! Wish I could have stayed for the Show. it appears that rain didn’t damper the fun much at all. Amazing photo shoot with the YNOT crew.

    I did get to enjoy a memorable week of boating on the St. John’s River with Troy & Sandi plus many great friends before having to pull out and head home on Friday. Thanks for a wonderful week.

  4. R Daley
    R Daley says:

    There is one thing you have to say about the Harrison’s There boats are well traveled.
    How do they get 2 boats to Florida?
    Going boating in Las Vegas today 90 degrees and no wind it will be a beautiful day on the river.
    One year we will make the lake Dora show.
    Have fun.

  5. Patrice M
    Patrice M says:

    Love that header photo! We had a great time just as we did last year. This year we met a lot of new friends and connected with some old ones. The rain didn’t ruin a good time.

  6. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Just home safe and sound from a great weekend..Great friends, great boats. Grandson loved every minute of it too…

    Dinner under the big tent last night was exceptional and the swing band at it’s best…I could have danced all night. Awards ceremony this morning was impressive…Hated saying goodbye around noontime…Congratulations Matt. You and Weecatchem deserved it.

    • Old Salt
      Old Salt says:

      Wilson, What did Matt deserve? Guess we will have to tune in tomorrow… Same Woodyboater time same Woodyboater channel…

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