A Perfect Day On Lake Tahoe!


Tahoe light, and a sip of California wine!

Thanks to Steve “Tahoe” Natale for sending in reports from Lake Tahoe. The weather has been great and the show even more spectacular. Today we get to walk the docks and imagine as if you were there. No captions, so.. Yup, I get to make them up. I would like to apologize ahead of time.

Terry Fiest at the helm of Thunderbird.

Nice swim platform

A perfect Century. Wow, plastic done right can be very sweet.

Gull Wing ally!

Another cool Century.

They are parked two deep.Very cool Chris Craft interior

Nice towel match.

OK, thats alot of towels. Is this Towley’s boat?

Well? Were are they? Steve, ya take a photo of a boat called MY GIRLS and no… GIRLS!

Red.. RED interior.

Looks like Miss Byoue won something


Hangine out with pals

Lined up!

Is that Mike over there?

Why yes it is. hi Mike mayor, Tahoe Judge and owner of Lake Oswego Boat Works.. OH and great guy!In a boat called..”Mike”

Two registration stickers? Really? TWO?

EMMA II I like the green with blond. Not sure if that color is original, but looks great. Pre Avacado.

Love the pink interior

Can you find the 4 leaf clover?

25 Sportsman!

WOW – I should know what and whos this is, but I don’t. Anyone want it?


Thunderbirds Dash!

Speaking of Dash, lets Dash outta here and go for a boat ride

Steve Marini and his time capsule Riva.. And time capsule WoodyBoater shirt.

Ya, were are photographing you


Hats, Riva, perfect water. Dang!

Back at the dock.

Thanks again Steve Natale for the report and letting us all see what Tahoe Magic is all about.

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  1. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:


    The the gentlemanly racer you could not identified is a Barns and Brown, simply called T44. This boat and Evangeline will be available thru Mecum Auction next Saterday in Monterey.

  2. Sabina Pellissier
    Sabina Pellissier says:

    Wild Horses (T-44) is a Brown Bassett. It was designed and built by Tony Brown (Western Runabouts) and Ken Bassett for Dave Olsen in 1997 at Lake Tahoe.

  3. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    The two registration stickers are in fact not two registration stickers. One is the State registration sticker and the other is an inspection sticker, “Mussel Fee Paid”. We like our pristine waters out here on the west coast and we are trying very hard to keep all the nasty stuff y’all have in your lakes back east from getting into our lakes (most of which are also drinking water reservoirs) so anyone using a boat in most lakes in California has to have their boat inspected and residents have to pay a fee to pay for the costs of protecting the waters.

    We have a similar system on the big lakes here in Whatcom County, Washington State. I have to display my “AIS” (Aquatic Invasive Species” sticker next to the state sticker to show that my vessel has been inspected and deemed clean.

    Here is a clear photo of the sticker show on the Tahoe boat.

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