A Sad Tour By Water Of Lake Hopatcong New Jersey.


Every time I am on Lake Hopatcong I have a smile on my face from ear to ear. No matter how cold it may be. In fact I was about to head up there for my official last gasp run of the year. But from reports they will not have power for about two weeks. The entire lake is out of power and devastated. Fellow Woody Boater Natashia Kadimik set out with Kim and John to document the damage by water.

Please send in any shots you may have of your area. Thanks Woody Boater.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Not too bad up here in Massachusetts. I am basically on the northern border wit hRhode Island. We had mostly pine trees go down here with some hitting houses. Scattered power outages wit h almost everyone back up at this point.

    My friends with the big boats in New London Connecticut faired well as they were out of the water and the storm surge did not reach their boats.

    Forntunately for everyone the leaves were off of most trees or this could have been much worse.

  2. Tyson K.
    Tyson K. says:

    My heart goes out all those families. At least everyone got through it best they could, and alive. Boats and roofs can be replaced.

    Out here on the west coast looking at what happened back east, I’m thankful we aren’t in hurricane/typhoon alley. Mind you, when the “Wind-ship” November comes steaming through, we get hurricane “force” winds, but nothing that destructive.

  3. John Stolte
    John Stolte says:

    It’s so sad how so many people were devastated by this storm. Long Island was my birthplace, lots of problems. Thankfully my family is all OK.

    Our boat, and the boats of our friends along the Potomac River in Callao, Kinsale, Lewisetta et al Virginia fared well.

    Our thoughts and prayers to all those in New Jersey, New York and everywhere else affected.

  4. Leatherneck
    Leatherneck says:

    We lucked out in Northumberland County. I feel sorrow for those folks with their dream homes spoiled, but in the end, it’s only “stuff.” Stuff can be replaced. People cannot.


      • Kevin
        Kevin says:

        That’s good news..I know my family is still trapped in Hoboken. Spoke to a friend in Maryland who has a boat in his living room and one on the second floor of his house waves broke out large sections of the wall

  5. Dane
    Dane says:

    Those are some big trees!

    I’ve never been to Hopatcong, but I lived in Wayne during my High School years before moving back to Minnesota. Even with the devastation, that’s a beautiful area. The New Jersey I remenber will rebound quickly.

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