A Simple Trip For Ice Cream That Never Gets Old.

DCIM100GOPROOne of the fantastic things about owning and using a woody boat is that even the simplest of things can be a fulfilling event. Since the day the Main Lake Market opened on Lake Hopatcong, Fellow Woody Boaters Bob Rice, Bob Kays and the  “Professor ” Wayne Mocksfield have been meeting for lunch and some ice cream.

Lunch gang 2

Bob, Bob, Wayne and Tucker, from the Mail Lake Market.

Kays header

The Main Lake Market on Lake Hopatcong, – file photo Bob Kays.

Now that alone is nice, but the part that is so nice is that a simple trip on the water is the real event. Being out on the water with friends and your beloved mahogany companions. Now that sits getting colder they keep it up by going to Katzs Marina, and then lunch by car to local diner since the main Lake Market closes.

lunch gang 6

They apparently have been doing this for years!


A Trip to the marina is always a good idea!

Maybe they should name that Gang? The Bob Bob Wayne gang? The Nuttys and Professor gang?

Lunch gang 1

The”Professor” Enjoying the best of a Summer sun and the warmth of friendship.


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  1. Judy C.
    Judy C. says:

    Always a pleasure reading these articles about my friend and his mahagony. I live vicariously via the articles.

  2. Allen
    Allen says:

    Great story Matt. We have an ice cream store on Mullett Lake but no dock. Go figure. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Verne
    Verne says:

    Every time I see pictures of Hopatcong, it brings back so many memories of summers on the lake growing up. I can still “smell” the lake and it just relaxes me and leads me back in time to those wonderful years. I don’t recall any ice cream stands I could motor up to but I docked at Bertrands Island many times to enjoy the rides and look for young girls who might want a boat ride in the moon light……
    Simpler times.

  4. David
    David says:

    Time to lay off the Katzs a little. They got a plug about 3 or 4 times this week. Whats the status on the W engine or the Antique Boat Center, I hear they have gone through some big changes in personnel? How about a report from Don Dannenberg possibly?

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Professor? maybe, but The Godfather is what I know Wayne as from the first article I read about him in WoodenBoat Magazine waaaaaay back in the day titled “Wayne’s Marine” . So I had to make a pilgrimage (from Atlanta, no less) and found his shop on Hopatcong and was instructed on the proper pronouncement of Hopatcong (to which I’m still not sure which is correct). As I rolled into the marina finding the full half hull CC Riv model fastened to his sign board I looked out into the marina cove to see the familiar granite rocks scattered about the cove which reminded me of my home lake in Sebago Maine. I felt quite at home. At the time Wayne was not there but a young kid who reminded me of one of the “pump jockeys” in “On Golden Pond” (but much more polite and not so coy) gave me the 50 cent tour which I lapped up with every word. Luckily it was a slow day and was given free reign to drool over the glass display case housing the chrome Chris Craft hardware rivaling the jewelry counter at Tiffany’s. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bob and Rebob but know those guys are having great fun making the rounds and its apropos that in New Joysey, Wayne be referred to as THE Godfather (not to slight his compatriots). Full disclosure, I do own a CC Riviera that Wayne had squirreled away in one of George Johnson (the unofficial largest CC dealer in North America, may he rest in peace) storage barns up in the New Hamshire woods north of Wolfeboro. It still sits in my basement awaiting restoration when I feel I’ve achieved the proper skill set to give it the proper restoration it deserves. That’s probably now if I could just find the time.

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