A Timeless Cookout With Family – The Perfect Last Gasp


It’s still boating and beach cookout weather here on Maumee Bay Ohio.

The Ramsey Bros sure know how to go Woody Boating in Style. These guys do it up right in old school perfection. Whats more perfect than taking your family, work and life, for a classic boat trip to the beach and have a cook out.


The Ramsey gang!

These photos could have been taken 50 years ago and thats not just boating it’s “Timeless Boating”. But thats how they roll, the shop, homes, life is all timeless quality.


Let’s go picnicking!


Timelss fun


Hunting for treasure




Grilled dogs on a fall day at the beach! This is what life is all about


Bury someone in the sand. It’s still fun!


Beach, water and mahogany!


Mahogany, water and beach


Sunsets..sunsets, sunsets. PERFECT! Start up the trusty family friendly 1959 Lyman 23′ Sleeper with a Chrysler crown M-47




Maumee Bay near Toledo!

You can visit them on there home on the not so timeless internet HERE.


Campfires! this trip had it all and is our big last Gasp winner for 2016.


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  1. Gene Porter
    Gene Porter says:

    I’m really glad to see a sister ship of my True North still in such perfect use, as my boat (pictured on this post under “you might like”) has just been put away for the winter.

  2. Captain Greg Jones
    Captain Greg Jones says:

    If you don’t know the Ramsey’s. You should wish you did!

    They’re the nicest folks in the world and that goes for the entire family. Great piece!

  3. Ron Dombrowski
    Ron Dombrowski says:

    Best boat Lyman ever made. I owned Lyman’s from 15 to 26 in length and on occasion got to run a 23 for a close friend. None better!
    Ron D aka Cap’n D.

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