Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Nine Days – Gulp… Actually For Woody Boater It’s Five. Yikes

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The T Shirts Are in and ready to go!

This springs batch of Sand varnish T’s are in. Light blue. Never to be repeated again. This week in the hobby is insane. Everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Here in Woody Boaterville though its even crazyer. I have not had a spare second. What is it about late march. Everything happens all at once?  We have the On Golden Pond boat drama playing out, this week, we have a two day story on New Zealand. YES New Zealand.. A thousand small details to do  to the boat  but work gets in the way, Last Friday I had to be in DC then Baltimore, then back to tape a TV show to talk about Rush Limbaugh.. not kidding..

Stop Laughing.. Yes I own a tie.. Actually two.. and a suit.

Then on Sunday an all day shoot for a commercial. BUT, as it turns out the Director of Photography is a Woody Boater. Joe DeSalvo spent two years restoring a very very cool Capri. More on that later. Regardless, we still have a million things to do and our week is booked solid. But we have started to get together all the goodies..

The official set of Woody Boater chairs. A set of 4 will sit in the large tent.

The Sons Of varnish Shirts are in White AND black.. ONLY IN TAVARES.

Will you be this years Big Woody Winner in Tavaras? We do take bribes...No shame in that....





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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Too bad with the chair you didn’t make it so that it left a WoodyBoater logo impression on a persons  back, or a$$.

  2. chad
    chad says:

    Did I miss the WoodyBoater plug on the air?
    Maybe you need a WoodyBoater tie, or tie tack? Just sayin…

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Where to start after watching the video.  

    1) Well done Matt for staying above the politics and focusing on the business / communication of the issue. I truly hope those who comment will do the same and avoid dragging this blog into a political battle today, and into election 2012  …unless the issues affect classic boating of course.  

    2) Well done, also, pasting that giant #1 right above you.  However, you missed an incredible promotional opportunity by not slapping a large WoodyBoater logo right on top of it.  Focus man focus.  

    3) Where’s your Son’s of Varnish t-shirt?  If you thought that would have been inappropriate, then where was your Son’s of Varnish tie?  Again, powerful promo opportunity missed.  Eyes on the prize, man.  A B C.  “Always Be Closing.”

    4) You missed your greatest promo opportunity by not taking total control of the discourse.  It could have gone down like this…  “Well, Rebecca, let’s forget about Rush and his listeners whom you called, er, zealots.  Let’s also forget about the politics of birth control.  I want to talk about what’s really important here:  classic boating zealots and “boat control.”  You could then have explained the symptoms of the disease, and how it consumes many of your dear readers.  And after that, you could have stood up, and turned the whole thing into a telethon, by doing a song and dance, posting a toll free number on the screen, and collecting donations for a cure.  Bet you’re kicking yourself now! 

    • Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
      Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

      ABC Always Be Closing! Wow I thought I was the only one who ever said that. My other fav Plan Your Work-Work your plan!

  4. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    Great job on the show.  You clean up pretty well.   🙂
    In my short life time (back to Regan) I’ve never seen the country so divided.
    One thing for sure…We all love Woody Boater!!!
    Going to miss seeing you and Tex in FL.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Wow, Chad and m-fine are on the same tangent as I.  Three like comments in rapid fire succession.  That makes it a consensus, or unanimous, or preposterous.

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    Matt great job.

     I agree where was Woody Boater swag?  You could have switched out the coffee mugs for a Woody Boater mug or at least thrown on a sticker over the mug that was there.

  7. anonimus
    anonimus says:

    Great!!  Now one of the few places I was able to turn to without politics, is gone.  Both political sides have had their radio blow-hards, like Limbaugh, but thank God the Republicans haven’t been dumb enough to elect theirs to Congress, like the Democrats did with Franken.  

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I didn’t watch the video yet, but the issues with Rush really are not political. He has a history of using rather unflattering speach toward women and other groups, and it is important to remember half of conservative republicans are women, just like half of liberal democrats. Repeatedly calling a woman a whore and demanding sex tapes is not justifiable based on differences in political philosophies.  If he has a reason to believe she truly was involved in those activities, it may be justified, but clearly that has not been the case with Fluke and others in the past. 

      • anonimus
        anonimus says:

        This issue with Rush is just as political as past comments by Franken during the Air America days and recent comments by Mahr as well.  If this issue is not political, you may want to tell that to those in Washington that conviced this girl to come before Congress and ask all Americans to pay for her birth control.  That kind of political act is what gets the blow-hards going.    

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          This “girl” was a 30 year old professional activist who went to Georgetown with the intention of making an issue out of their birth control policy.  She was no innocent little girl swept up by washington insiders. 

          Rush took the bait hook line and sinker, and then some.  Rush did not just argue about the financial issues, the issues of church and state, or the federal government overstepping its bounds.  That would have been political and reasonable.  He made indefensible statements about her as a person and asked to see a sex tape.  When it didn’t get the attention he wanted, he kept at it day after day until it blew up in his face.  That to me is not OK no matter what side of the aisle you are on or she is on.   

          • anonimus
            anonimus says:

            I agree with all you say, except when you say the issue with Rush is not political.  It was politicians that cast the bait that the media, the “girl” and Rush ate, hook, line and sinker.  The mainstream media helped it blow up in Rush’s face and they should do that when people like Bill Mahr makes equally rediculous comments as well.  That, to me, is not OK no matter what side of the aisle you are on.

  8. Floyd R Turbo
    Floyd R Turbo says:

    That bottom paint spattered tie was a nice touch but the trolling for a Netflix sponsorship was less than subtle, don’t you think?

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Might have been more effective if he didn’t elude to that “issue” they had back in the summer.

  9. Rick
    Rick says:

    Just a quick off topic. 
    My Woodies for Boobies shirt came today, delivered to the office, the staff’s reaction was “What!”.  Needless to say they got quite a chuckle from it.
    I now return you to our regularly scheduled discussion.

  10. Floyd R Turbo
    Floyd R Turbo says:

    Those of you taking I-75 southbound at Tenn/Kentucky stateline it will be detoured for a couple of weeks until the rockslide is stable-ized for traffic.  I took I-71 to Louisville then I65 to Nashville and I24 to Chattanooga and then pick up I75 south again at Ga (a 70 mile detour but no back roads to contend with).  This allows you to stop at Sugars Ribs in East RIdge Tn at exit 181A on I-24 highly recommended. 

  11. dreed
    dreed says:

    You should probably post a phone number so Matt can call his order in ahead of time.  If it’s an hour wait, he won’t stick around.

  12. Floyd R Turbo
    Floyd R Turbo says:

    Just for Matt, a little out of the way for him tho:
    Sugar’s on The Ridge,
    2450 15th Avenue
    Chattanooga, TN 37404

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