Algonac, Michigan And Lake Hopatcong New Jersey. Two Historic Shows In Two Weeks.


This years poster for Lake Hopatcong

Two fantastic shows are coming up in a couple weeks. Both have amazing boats, in an amazing location dripping with tradition, and locations of where it all began. Algonac is where power boating was started, and Lake Hopatcong is where the first ACBS chapter was formed. And here is the best part. AMAZING people.

In Algonac, you get to feel the history of classic boating in the entire community. The show is at the old Chris Craft plant, and there are one of a kind boats, cruisers. AMAZING cruisers. If you are in the area, as in 5 hrs or so, its worth that sort of drive. The big ACBS International show will be in the Port Huron area in 2018, so this crowd is gearing up big time.

Oh that Algonac water! Black Beauty is just one of the many cruisers! AHHHHHHHH!

There is going to be fun tours for folks that want to dive into the history of our boats, and a must goto cruise for breakfast to the OLD Club, one of the first yacht clubs in the US. Online registration for the Algonac Show and events is available HERE.

Very fun folks!

Now, the Lake Hopatcong show. It’s actually an older show. And the first ACBS chapter. For those not familiar with the Lake, its the largest lake in New Jersey, and just awash with history. This is, and was the playground for Broadway stars and still today has many artists on it being only 45 minutes from NYC.

Perfect setting

The show is at the old original Yacht Club. Its all very period and original.  There are places on this lake that are like rural parts of Maine. And the boats. ooooooffff! OK, this lake is over the top in its standards for restoration and preservation. Home to Katz’s Marina, the Katz’s gang brings out the big guns. But so do many of the club members. Also, I will add, worth a 5 hr drive. CLICK HERE FOR THE LAKE HOPATCONG ACBS SITE

VanNess engine in, Interior in, finish on. Oh ya! – Katzs Marina


Stinky’s bottom is all painted and all her little leaky issues addressed. And yes, she still stinks. Hopefully you can get a wiff of her at Lake Hopatcong

Speaking of a 5 hr drive, we will be trying like hell to make the Lake Hopatcong Show and maybe have either Stinky and or WECATCHEM there. They are soooooo close.

Kocian Gauges are done – On time, on budget, and extremely good to work with. VERY HIGH RECOMMEND!

The Kocian Gauges are done and shipped! 99% of the  Graves chrome is done and shipped. Both boats are done with details needing to be ironed out.

DON’T JUST SIT THERE! Wait, is that my wicker? WHAT! Thanks Bob Kays!

So there you have it. You have two weeks to decide, or find a buddy to go in a road trip. Woohooo! Now stop reading this and get out there!


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Thanks for the plug, Matt. The Michigan chapter is gearing up for another great three day event. Come and join us for the fun. We will show you a good time even if you live over five hours away!

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    Michigan will also be offering free boat rides, something our chapter started a few years ago. And the Sunday morning cruise to the Old Club, so much fun! Someday I will visit Lake Hopagong as it sounds like a picturesque place.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    And it’s free to get into. If you have never been you HAVE to go! Just type in Algonac in the search bar at the bottom of this site and you will find a bazillion stories on Algonac. Same with Lake Hopatcong. Ahhhhh

  4. Flash
    Flash says:

    Unfortunately, we will be in Texas for a surgery for my daughter that weekend. Algonac should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially if you’ve never seen the cruisers in their environment. The Old Club is an incredible facility and worth the trip. Port Huron 2018 will absolutely be amazing as well and I can’t wait.

    Lake Hoptacong is on my bucket list for sure and one day, I might make it there. It’s just a bit far from Ohio, so I’ll have to plan way far ahead.

    Whichever show you go to, be safe and enjoy!

  5. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    I hope both shows are blessed with perfect Summer weather. The Thursday before the Hopatcong show we will do our cruise night around the lake. We do an organized cruise each month, spontaneous cruises happen all the time. We love our lake history and our boating history. If you remember reading on Woody Boater, in 1914 Chris Smith sent a boat to Hopatcong by rail and Chris Craft sent hull #10 here. Our shows have a strong connection! I encourage everyone to attend!

  6. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    My first boat was delivered to the Lakeland Marine Base at Lake Hopatcong…It took me three years to learn how to say HooPatCong. Finally went there to check out the boat’s pedigree…Show was great, and the people were gracious.

    But then I also went to the Algonac show back when it was on the 4th of July. Another stellar location with great people..

    Choosing between the two is a hard choice.

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