Algonac This Weekend. No Excuses. Be There!!!

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Gar Wood & Chris Smith with the Smith-built miss Detroit Gar raced to victory in the twenties.

So, you are either all ready to head up to Algonac by now or you are on the fence hemming and hawing..What in the H. E. double hockey sticks are you thinking? On the fence? Really? What in the heck are you planning to do this weekend? Mow the lawn…. Watch a game.. drink beer… Don’t be a lazy sack of mulch.. This is it.. The one time in your miserable life that you can get into your truck, car, mini van…wait, no mini vans, you are way to far gone if you drive a mini van.. Sorry……Anyway, grab your SUV and just head north.. The big show is Friday, Sat and Sunday. The statue is being dedicated on Sunday at 1 pm. There will be Wood and Smith family members there as well.

Logan Wood, Gar’s great nephew will represent the Wood family. pictured here at the helm of Miss America X
Chris Smith, grandson of Christopher Smith will be there representing the Smith family.

If you are into these wonderful boats.. then this is the ONE event of the year that is a go to event. It’s where it all began.. You will get how and why these boats were invented, the waters that inspired there building. Why they raced and what inspired them…I have found that once you understand the origins of a piece of art, you understand it’s soul. You feel it.. Go ahead at laugh at my spacey nuttiness. But you will never understand unless you are there.. And one thing is for sure.. You ain’t gonna get it by mowing the lawn and taking your mini van to the mall… Grow some testicles mini van man… This is it! Gar and Chris are knocking on your door… let them in!

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  1. red dog
    red dog says:

    just wondering does the gravenhurst club have a dvd of this boating weekend july 3 4 5 2013 ? thanks

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