And The Weiner Of Americas Top Classic Boat Lake Is…..Drum Roll Please!


The judges agonized over the decision. We looked at all the submissions, some even came in last night, a last chance hail Mary from Montana. Three from Michigan, One from New York, New Jersey, Iowa, and what started out looking like a landslide victory from Idaho with several.. Why all the passion.. Could it be because of the pack of Woody Boater Weiners for the BBQ, or a visit from Woody Boater to your Lake? Ahhh the enticement. So why was this so hard for us to make a choice. Frankly ( get it.. Frankly.. Weiners…Rim Shot here!)  something happened along the way. Each Lake story that came in, were not about the lake as much as about the family outings and history on the lake. It became clear that lake life is not about crystal clear water, mountain settings, or even classic boats..

Stunning Lake Keuka New York

Mike Mayors story of Lake Keuka NY was a clear favorite story, and he lives in Oregon now. Chads family images from Three Rivers were fantastic. The images and family connections from Lake Huron.. Heart Warming..

Lake Hopatcongs family history and sense of tradition changed the way we think of exit 1B… Idaho…How in the hell do folks go boating in potato fields? Go figure.. yes I know… it’s a joke! And then those sunsets from Iowa.. Corn feilds there look just like water with boats on them… The stalks must hide the trailers…And last night in a late rally as mentioned earlier Montana.. OUCH.. The Boatresses favorite… The most stunning shot of them all.  Ya gotta go see that!  Where was Lake Tahoe in this? Lakes in New England? Squam Lake.. Minnesota, all stunning places.. Lake George chimed in with a comment, but did not put up a good fight.. We did love though that it was the more un known secret Lakes that chimed in.. And that made it fun for all of us.  Passion here was clearly personal and thus made it impossible to choose just one. So.. We decided to visit all of them this summer!!! That’s right. Woody Boater will visit each one of the lakes that submitted, Hand the Weiner a pack of Woody Boater Weiners and take million images and then retouch it with a big bug in it or something. This story has taken a twist that we did not expect, and thus gave us some fun adventures to go on this summer. Thanks again..See you this summer.. Get the coals hot.. We are bring’n our Weiners!

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  1. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Looking forward to your visit to Lake Hopatcong! When the snow melts we will drag out the BBQ for your weiners. All woody boaters are welcome to attend our 37th annual boat show June 24,25 & 26.

  2. Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe says:

    Lake Tahoe does not need to be a write in candidate, Matt. It is always on the top of everyones list. It would be a bit pretentious, right? Once you come to the show in August and take a boat ride around the lake, see the rocks and sandy bottom through the blue water clearly from 80ft up… you will know your answer.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    shhhhhh! Come on! Dont tell the world! We have this scam going good! Now everyone will want to be a woody boater.

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