Antique Boat Center Is Officially In Their New Home!

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The official Ribbon cutting – The gang is all there, including the Mayor.

The big move has happened, and from the looks of things, it was a huge success and a ton of fun. It’s of course no surprise since the Antique Boat Center guys can make anything seem like fun. The parade was a huge success, and afterwords, folks all gathered and had a nice lunch and tour. This was a very official time for the town, even the mayor came out and helped with the ribbon cutting! It’s great to see new things happen like this around the country. Especially in the middle of the country. Antique Boat Center is a testimate to being a good corporate citizen, doing the right thing and having a business model that attracts folks from all over the country. This new location and how it was all put together will help Antique Boat Center succeed in truly defining them as not just a business that handles Antique boats, but as The Antique Boat Center of the U.S and the world. Dang.. wait, that sounds ominous.. Someone has to stop them.. ( and yes I googled ominous)

The proud parents, Joel, Dennis…sans pink bandana, and Lou… Sans tights..

Getting lined up for the parade..

Starting to fill up the showroom!

Starting to load up parts. Engines engines and more engines.

Lunch! OK this isnt a food shot. It’s all that was sent.. And Mr Orange shirt is blocking the cookies for later.. COOKIE HORDER! Cool flags!

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  1. ranger
    ranger says:


    got any pictures of the boats parading through town?

    a trailer parade…very unique, wish we could’ve been there to see that!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Can’t wait to see the new facilities. Congrats to Lou, Dennis, Joel and the rest of the ABC staff for a successful transition.

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