Antique Boat Center. It's More Than Just A Massive Web Site…

You may have heard of the Antique Boat Center. or even met some of the great guys from there at the shows. Lou, Herb, Joel, Dennis….. but have you really gotten to know them… Only Woody Boater will give you the real tour. Come on… lets go!

First, it all starts with actually trying to find the place. Buried behind the Crisco plant in Cincinnati Ohio lies a treasure trove of classic boats…If only they could figure out how to coat my boat with that luscious white stuff…. mmmmm I would lick my boat clean!
That’s it, after getting lost and a 8 hr drive… a gray building behind a lard plant! Que the Hallelujah Chorus.. Cause it’s Christmas, my birthday, and first kiss with my wife all at once when Joel turned the knob on the door…… holey crap. And there are several ugly gray buildings to go… ohhhh!
Yes thats a U22 and my wife in the same room… Slowly but surly this will all come together..Antique Boat Center sells and repairs Fish Bros Boats. This one was in for service..There is a soaker tank in the building… Dang, I gots to get me one of them things… Honey, move the recliner, I got some cinder blocks come’n in here!Bottom jobs, and more bottom jobs…. More than a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon!Some Grand Crafts saved at the last minute from the closing of Grand Craft. Thats an entire story in its self. Repairs and serviceOne very rare boat, A Jeffery, I think it’s the only one left.. It’s a very cool tripple with a folding hatch like a model A

Small engines
Cool Stuff, this would look real cool in my new living room/soaker room…What! It’s the Antique Boat Center, everything here is boat related… Please restrain from any floater jokes..I did… OK maybe just that one…
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    ABC does a great restoration class every winter. The first ten people to register get 8-9 Saturdays to rebuild a boat with Joel and crew. Usually it's either the bottom or side planks, and the students get to do everything right alongside the pros. Everything is documented, so you can't forget the lessons. My boat club buddies have borrowed my class CD many times now. It was the best $400 I ever spent in my boating life, and well worth the 3 hour round trip to participate. Hallelujah indeed!

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