Are Those Crickets I Hear In Tahoe?


Sorry folks, no images from Tahoe. Noth’n, news Nuth’n, just that empty email box….If you are out there and want to shoot some images. Let me know, nothing I can do at this point. I imagine that we will get some fun images later after the show. But in the mean time it’s a blackout here. Kinda like football games that they want to sell tickets to. Hey, I’m willing to pay for the ticket to get in.. It’s the $1000 plane fairs that are the killer here. Dang! So in the mean time. Here is a link to a web cam Not sure how good it is. Looks like a mess of plastic stuff and at the time of this posting …. But you can smell the varnish from there, and you might be able to see a cool boat zip by…lame? yes, but I am at least trying… And a link to the These guys are at the center of all this. You can look at some images from last year at and just dream that it’s all this years stuff. And get all jazzed up about what your missing by not being there…..Dang! I am dying here…I’m going to eBay and at least bid on something from Tahoe….. Or better yet. I am going to my local Chevy Dealer and take a test drive in a Chevy Tahoe. You suppose the dealer will mind if I have a glass of vino while I sit in his car…. ” Sir, may I help you” no just sitting here with my eyes closed.”Sir, do you want to go on a test drive?” Why yes, do you mind if I get back in a week? Can it tow a boat?