Are You Going To Cincinnati? The Center Of The Classic Boat World This Weekend!

If Herb Pocklington can make it from Florida to Cincinnati to speak at this weekends Open House at The Antique Boat Center, whats holding you up? Ugh! If you live within 3 hrs it’s a no brainier.If you live 5 hrs… it may require some thought, and if you live 11 hrs away in a blizzard infested area.. a degree from MIT, and a very understanding spouse…But in the end NOTHING will take your mind off the crap of winter more than a nice warm building crammed full of classic boats. You can almost smell the varnish…sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffff! ahhhhhhhh, thats a blend of Schooner and Captains choice… right… with a hint of thinner…. you used a foam brush though.. mmm.. adds a scent of plastic… but all the same… it’s the smell of springtime. And it all can be yours tomorrow… Wooohooo, Spring has started in Ohio! Dear god, that varnish is getting to me….I am hallucinating..ha, I did spell it right though……

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