Are You Ready For Reedville? I’m Not!

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One of the beautiful boats behind one of the many beautiful Victorian captains homes.

This weekend in my home town of Reedville Virginia, we will be having our annual boat show. This year is one of the largest to date, thanks to Clif Aimes who has been pounding the drum for years. With the help this year from Jim Scott and the Reedville Fishermens Museum. It promises to be a great show. Looks like 37 boats, a flea market and the usual goodies, art stuff, food stuff.. And a nice cocktail deal.. The parade is fun on Cockrell’s Creek since the boats just are off the docks and put around the town. What is unique about this show is the setting. It’s not all at one Marina, the town is on a long point of land. One long Main street full of Victorian captains homes with water and docks behind each one.. And at the docks, 1-3 classic boats, so its a walking history tour. Some nice cruisers will be at the show along with Jim Scott’s Amazing Riverea.. Rivera,, Rivyaia, no matter how we spell it. John Rothert will be there, So will Howard Johnston from Old Time World and one of his 100 Whirlwinds..  Our Woody Boat “Suzy” the 24 Sportsman will be there, all in the water, ready for a boat ride.. Except for one small issue…

A small part of the show is in the back yard of the Reedville Fishermaens Museum.. Land display

The only thing that won’t be there… ME.. what the heck is that all about. I travel all around the US going to shows and miss the one in my back yard… literally.. Turns out it is my youngest sons first day at collage. In Savanna.. So if you go to the show, my better half will be there… in boat form.. Say hi to Clif and Jim… For those of you wondering where in the hell is Reedville.. it’s in Virginia on the Northern Neck of Virgina… OK you say, where is the Northern Neck.. Near the mouth of the Potomac River. History out the hoo ha! Captain John Smith partied there, met some hot Indian babes… Lots of Civil War stuff, Richmond is about one and half hours away.. Lots of fishing, crabs, crabs and more crabs… You can stay at the Tides Inn in Irvington, or if you want to have a Southern Living moment, Hope and Glory Inn in Irvington.. Dinner, at Tommy’s or the Crazy Crab in Reedville. Breakfast at Lee’s in Kilmarnock..

Jim Scott getting Yannon ready..


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  1. matt
    matt says:

    Dont get me started. its been a one month deal.. I got boats to show, he is gone! wants nothing to do with me, where as my boat loves me, takes me out on the water.. And oddly, costs me less

        • matt
          matt says:

          Yes SCAD! 50K a year, so he can be a starving artist.. Actually though, all kidding aside, he has amazing talent, was accepted to every art school he applied to. It could have been worse.. NYC! Thats a cab ride up there..

          • Pumpkin
            Pumpkin says:

            No worry, Matt! There is hope! My youngest daughter went there for her 1st two years, and she turned out terrific, loves boats and so does my son-in-law and the grandkids. All it takes is a little more time and money! HA!

          • matt
            matt says:

            He is a great kid, a much better investment than a 5200 bottom right now.. All kidding aside.. I am blessed with two great boys that have talent and respect for others.. Wait, what the hell, they are money sucking pits of cash, wait, no thats my boats.. I need a bigger check book..

  2. matt
    matt says:

    OUCH! sometimes it pays to just get up, and put on a cup. There is no way around the kick in the nuts.. Its all about the kick, not the subject.

  3. Phil Widmer
    Phil Widmer says:

    Matt, maybe you could convince your son that the college is located in “Readville”. It sounds academic and we all know it is educational. Best of luck to you , your son, and the show.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    We read the blog for your writing but your wife is easier on the eyes. Just have here handing out copies of your writing and we have the best of both worlds. In fact have her handing out an article only available there and not on the net, that should increase attendance. As for the college thing, one kid graduated in June and is now working, so that should be 50k a year freed up for boating auctions right?

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    As Matt says, I will be in Reedville, hope for good weather and water conditions, we could use some of that!
    Thanks to Clif and the folks that put on this great show!
    As for the College delivery trip….Matt should poke a hole in the tank and use his signature line as a cop out….
    “I smell gas….”.
    John in Va.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    also, all cruiers going to Reedville be extra on the lookout for docks, decks, trees, and boat parts floating in the bay after Irene…..I tore a prop up one year coming back from there a week after such a storm. Debris tends to stay in a pack out there…but it is the rogue ones that get you.

    John in Va.

  7. Allen
    Allen says:

    MAtt we used the tuition refund program…..he gets B’s we continue to pay, he gets less next semester he pays and takes a loan and if it gets back on program we reimburse……funny how that makes a difference…they invest in their future along with you…….and still have time to party and enjoy college…..too bad about missing the show…..

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    We had a deal with both our kids: Maintain a certain grade level in college and it’s paid for – Fall below and you get to come home, get a job and in six months find a place to live. – OR – Do all of the above and go to community college (you pay), get your grades back in line and then return to the university, the deal back in effect. One graduated, one more year to go on the other!

  9. matt
    matt says:

    I like these ideas.. My son in boulder is doing very well so he is close. Next year he is a sr.. We will see how this one does. My expectation is he will do well.. They are very aware of the costs. When they decided out of state and private over public. They had to eat some of the cost.. It’s all good though and the smartest money anyone can spend.

  10. Josh Hagen
    Josh Hagen says:

    You could always tell the kids that didn’t pay for any of their college (not including the ones with the credits for grades situations above). Late to class everyday, sweatpants and backwards caps as daily attire, and heavy doses of body spray to mask the smell of not showering for 3 days…

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