Are You Ready For The Big Tahoe Show, Steve and Steve Are!


Thanks fellow WoodyBoaters Steve Natale and Steve Marini who reported in from Lake Tahoe after a fun day of pre show warm ups. Even including the break down. Wow, now thats thinking of everything.

That’s Steve on the left!

Out cruising

It was a spectacular day here at Lake Tahoe today. The lake level is up to the maximum, locals say it has not been this high in years.

This was a perfect day for a shake-down cruise with Steve Marini and his stunning, newly refurbished 1934 Hacker-Craft  “Triple Play”.


Started off great but ran into engine problems that required a tow back to Obexer’s, site of the Lake Tahoe Concours.

Undaunted, Steve as vowed to fix the motor and return to Tahoe. “Breakdowns are just part of owning a classic boat.”

You know what they say?

I’ll be back to catch all the action for the Concours next month, here is a LINK to the big show if you are interested in finding out more. Stay a week if you can, between Sierra Boat Co and all the Tahoe action it’s a week you will never forget!

Here is a snazzy video of last year, well, just in case you forgot. It says its the 45th which is this years, but then it will already have happened.  I am so confused? Did we miss the show, are we in a time warp? not that it matters, as long as I am out on my boat, I really don’t care what day it is?


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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Well whatever show it is, the people are wonderful and the boats are great…It is one show that ought to be on everybody’s bucket list.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    So this is a story about a show that is going to happen last year? And next month they will be having another show which will be the 2015 show or is that going to be the 2018 show? This is all so confusing. I honestly never expected the legal marijuana to have such an impact on classic boat show schedules.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    And then there is..was? the South Lake Tahoe show that I am not sure is this year? We recommend you go for the entire month and just hang around the lake until a bunch of boats appear. And to think all this confusion has happened before any of them have woke up?

  4. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    I think that video was meant as a promotional tool for the 45th (2017) event but was footage of the 44th (2016) event. Confusing, yes.

    Unfortunately the South Tahoe Show (normally held the third weekend in July) was cancelled due to a unsavory marina owner. Sad because it was a great show that got better each year.

    For those that go to Tahoe the lake level (6229.01′ as I type this) is a big deal. It is over 4 feet above “normal” and is at its maximum legal capacity, they are rapidly letting water out down the Truckee river to avoid waterfront property damage. It is the fastest lake level rise in one year in recorded history. This is great news for boaters and the Concours this year, as the docks and view at Obexer’s will be nearly flush with the lake. It will look awesome! We are going from 12-feet of clearance under the bridge to 7-feet, so duck on your way in!
    Oh and the Thunderbird will be there too after a long absence. The Marque Class is Utilities and we have over 30 entered and 70 boats total will be crammed in.

    The Gathering of the Gar Woods is at Sunnyside on August 5th. Races at Chambers Landing on the 6th. And boats start arriving at Obexer’s for the Concours d’Elegance on the 9th and goes through the 12th.

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