Beautiful Wheather, Water Perfect, And No Boats! Is the Sky Falling?

What a nice weekend for boating around the Chesapeake Bay. OK it was hotter than H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, what better time to get out on the water. It was at least 10 degrees cooler out there. The water was calm. But something was wrong. Something was missing. No boats! It was strange and yet made things all the better. The shot above was taken around 9 AM. This is the main channel into Reedville. Usually by this time a very busy waterway. There are several marinas on the other end.No jet ski’s at all. I did see some of the crabbers and some folks that depend on the water, but as recreational boating goes. Forget it. Being a silver lining ….glass half full type person, one could not miss the beauty in this. Nothing to bring you back into the mess our world is in now. For me, it was 1941, out on the water. No war, No Gas problems…..Wait… oh crap, WWII is coming, and Hitler is out of control, and fuel is being rationed, and my kid is at the age that he can be drafted, and….. I suppose life is how you want to see it, and what you choose to ignore… For me on the weekends out on my boat, I choose to ignore everything.

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  1. flukebelly
    flukebelly says:

    Many boats here on Long Island never made it into the water. Open slips at marinas that usually have waiting lists and spots available on Fire Island on Memorial Day weekend. On the bright side fewer big wakes to spray salt water on my mahogany runabout! Your right. got to look for that silver lining. And I can run all day on 10 gallons of gas, less than the big boys use in 1 hour on 1 engine!

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    I am devoting the week of postings to just this issue. The fact is , like you said, you can still boat in style on 10 gallons. And for that matter your woody boat looks great in the garage.

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