Better Late Than Never Smith Mountain Lake Report.

Nice, perfect Virgina water, weather and varnish.

Spiffy, Spiffy perfect Virgina water, Spiffy weather and most defiantly spiffy varnish.

This report is so late, some of the boats at the show two weeks ago have already under gone a new bottom job.. BADOOM Cheee. Rim shot..  The story is so old,,,,,,,,,,,HOW OLD IS IT?……… It’s so old, that pre war now stands for before the war in Sierra? … To Soon?………Cough cough……. crickets… ………………..Anyone try the chicken? Cough……………………………………. Anyone out there?……..Phew, tough crowd. ……..My wife, she treats me like a king, Here King here king… …….. OK, this report is so old that some of these jokes were fresh when it started.. . BAM!  Anyway, the story came in from long time fellow Woody Boater George Blosser from SML last week. But Idaho, hogged up the website. So. Here goes the story. Take it away George.

Welcome to one of the two massive Docs on the lake. We are not talking about massive Doctors by the way. Ouch, a Doc joke.. Its early..

Welcome to one of the two massive Docs on the lake. We are not talking about massive Doctors by the way. Ouch, a Doc joke.. Its early..

The Smith Mountain Lake Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society held their 23nd Antique and Classic Boat Show and Festival last/last Saturday at Mariners Landing. Forty -Six boats registered for the show and thanks to some great weather the show was enjoyed by over 2500 visitors. Seventeen boat owners received awards for their well-preserved boats.

OK, thanks George, short and sweet. Now how about some pictures? And wait.. thanks to photographer Nadine Breen we are able to share some of the fun. Take it away Nadine.. OHHHHH No Captions.. Goody goody…

Waves Gon By.. Nice name, says it all. Then again if it said more it would be a paragraph back there.

Waves Gone By.. Nice name, says it all. Then again if it said more it would be a paragraph back there.


Happy Days -Once again, the name says it all.

Happy Days -Once again, the name says it all.

Nice deck!

Nice deck! Amazing covering boards!


Oh lord, thats it! No shots left.

Thats it! No shots left.

In lew leaugh leiu… lieu…. There, thats right. of no more photos you can read the big winners. Thanks George for the report.

Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show Awards 2013

Peoples Choice—Lootas Mark Thompson 1929 Hackercraft 26′ Dolphin

Best Chris Craft—-Birmingham Baby Roger Smith 1952 Chris Craft 19′ Racer

Best Century——-James Chase 1967 Century 19′ Resorter

ACBS Best Preserved–Pygmy Joe Ludgate 1955 Penn Yan 14′ Aristocrat

Best Runabout—-Spiffy Alan Frederick 1948 Chris Craft 20′ Custom

Best Utility—-Miss Cynthia Lars Okeson 1948 Chris Craft 22′ Sportsman

Best Cruiser—Splinters David Pfefferkorn 1957 Chris Craft 25′ Express

Best Outboard—L’ll Red Art Cournoyer 1963 Crestliner 13′

Best Lapstrake–Katharina John Torok 1965 Grady White 22′

Best Contemporary–Barrel of Fun Jim McDonald 2001 Fish Brothers 23′ Triple

Best Non-wood –Tin Man Bob Pennoyer 1957 Feathercraft 12′ Rocket

Best Owner Restoration–Richard Charles 1959 MFG 15′

Oldest Boat—Flapper Mike Mutchler 1926 Chris Craft 26′ Triple

Best Non Powered—Ron Root 1951 Penn Yan 14′

Longest Distance–Barrel of Fun Jim McDonald 2001 Fish Brothers 23′ Triple

Claude Watson Craftsmanship Award–Bill Goold 1956 Century 14′ Imperial

Junior Judges–T/T Deuces Wild Walter Herman 1987 Donzi 22′ Classic

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I didn’t even know there was a Smith Mountain let alone a Lake or a Boat Show so you seem right on time to me!

    Thanks Again!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Its a beutiful lake, near roanoke VA.. OK, where is Roanoke you say? Why its near Lynchburg… which is near the blue ridge… NEar Charlottsville???? 5 hours south west of DC? Once you find it, you will meet the most amazing group of folks on the planet! And yes, they are earthlings!

  3. Troy
    Troy says:

    PS: If you insist on posting pix of white sided Sportsman I am bound to go buy one, and I will send YOU the divorce bills.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This story has me wondering. Did someone forget to take their meds this morning, or did they remember…twice?

  5. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    White sided sportsman day… You better have a blue sided sportsman day, a black sided sportsman day, etc.

    “Just sayin'”

    FYI, maybe all of the boat shows need an open mic night for all of the woody boater comedians out there.

    Matt, Maybe you could have a woody boater joke day on this site…

    Jokes like.. “Did you hear about the guy who thought his century was better than a chris craft”, “what is white and cylinder shaped and holds five gallons of water and helps keep your boat afloat” (maybe this isn’t such a great idea after all….)

  6. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Live from back seat reporter Phil Jones.

    The first boat , a U22 owned by Lars and Cindy Oakerson, was the featured boat this year. After a 13 year off and on restoration Lars picked up Captains best utility award, and Cindy picked up most patient, and best nagger award, ( note plural on last award lets not get cofused).
    Next boat is Sppify owned by Alan and Jean Fredrick previously of Buffalo NY. That story maybe in a month:):):) a 20′ custom Alan restored himself. The third boat is owned by Bill & Robin Gool and this was a boat not even considered fire wood, I called it kindling due to the serious lack of a full pc. of wood. Now the guy is our go to guy for all tight spaces to work on boats, and I say this because he fastned every plank on the deck from the under side!!!!!!!!! It is a century56 16′ Imperial. We also had about 25 classic and antique cars at the show and are shooting for a larger showing in this venue next year. After two off years due to weather, this years weather made it difficult to take the time to send any reports, so this is a backup. See we at Smith Mt. got each other’s back.

    Where is the site to see all the photo’s of Betsy taken by SF??????????????????????????

    All that and almost blew the math question

  7. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    opps Happy Days owned by George Blosser was third boat and Bills was fourth boat. Waves gone by owned by George Kernow, ( no thats not spelled right. MAN I screwed the pooch on this report, and I meant first boat as in header shot.


    I’m comming hold on dear*(^^$^&&(*)*()

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