Bob Forbes Say’s, Come Back Soon.

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Say hey to Bob, our oldest Woody Boater! I love this guy, a fire ball of energy.

As we depart for home, neighbor of the Woody Boater HQ says a nice farwell. Bob Forbes age 93 and one of the founders of the Sunnyland chapter says have a safe trip. While the rest of the gang goes on the River cruise in Kabbits Habit, the trusty 24 foot Sea Skiff that has been the work horse of the show. Texx and Mike Mayer are going for the day and will be reporting in as paul and Karen Harrison go for the full 5 day event. So it aint over folks, we are still live-ish from Sunnyland.

1965 24' Chris-Craft Sea Skiff getting ready for the big 5 day cruise.. Oh Phil in New Zealand, you may have taunted us with your summer all winter.. Its our turn now....

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  1. Allen
    Allen says:

    Hey guys wheres the show winners? The head turner’s, the boater babes……..too much idle banter about Thayer IV I suspect………you have us thirsting for more beautiful wood and skin and the varoom of your videos. Those of us stuck in North country have waited with baited breathe for MORE……you have us addicted to your
    reporting…….give us a break…….

  2. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    Glad to be back home safe & sound..It was a great show…Lotta beautiful boats and great friends plus a pituresque ride thru the Dora Canal to the picnic. Kids did a great job on the SCAMPY boats. Weather couldn’t have been better. Terry and his crew are to be congratulated on putting together another great one

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    fair call Matt. There is a glimmer of sunshine in my impending winter though and thats the expected arrival of the Palamino from F Todd Warner via Mecum via Antique Boat Centre via LA via Singapore via Port Wellington NZ.
    Oh yes that will indeed be a bright day.

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