Can’t Make Boat Buzz Un -Plugged This Weekend? There’s Always Next Weekend In Ohio!

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The great folks at Antique Boater Center . Lou and Dennis in the front.

Whhhhhat? You are doing Boat Buzz Un Plugged two weekends in a row.. NOPE.. Thanks to the good…great.. folks at Antique Boat Center you can meet up with other fellow boat nuts next weekend they are holding a class on all the stuff that keeps you up at night. Bottom jobs, engines, varnish. stripping… OK stripping your boat, not the ….and this time you don’t have to shove $1 bills into a ……OH Boy..  In fact they will teach you how to avoid that. Although I would pay big bucks to see Lou pole dancing…mmmm que the photoshop tool.. I can’t do it… He’s a great guy.. Yes i can, No I can’t. I shouldn’t, Ahh what the heck, he has a sense of humor, no I shouldn’t.. Tune in later today.. Maybe. In The mean time. If you can’t make it to Boat Buzz, think Antique Boat Center.. And if you want to see Lou Pole dancing, Vote Yes! If not.. You can see him do it live in Ohio!

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  1. Tom Mertaugh
    Tom Mertaugh says:

    Hey that boat is a boat we restored for Ross Thompson, “CRESCENDO” it is a 1939 Chris Craft 24 Sportsman. Yes Yes I know it has the wrong windshield, but it is a twin K powered boat and is thought to be maybe the only one left with original power. It is a really neat boat.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Um, not knowing Lou I too can live without seeing him and his pole (dancing). As someone mentioned in a previous posting, You can’t unsee something after the fact.

  3. brian
    brian says:

    While I am sure that Lou is a nice fella, I would agree with Rick – bad images stick in the brain. I vote no thanks.

    I still cannot get that damn Prius out of my head and don’t even get me started on that Cushman Boat in the driveway.

    Sweet Mary.

  4. Ducraft
    Ducraft says:

    ancient lore speaks of Lou’s first boat sale of a Viking ship. Once around the mast and pole dancing was born It is good for history, vote is yes.

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    If I linger around Newport News long enough next week maybe I could drop in at the Antique Boat Center in Cincinnati next weekend on my way back home. It’s off if Lou is going to be doing any pole dancing though.

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