Classic Boat Destinations – What A Week.

Well….This week hasn’t been too even for some of us. It’s been a real roller coaster ride with our German daughter returning home, Woody Boater’s news about Sylvia, the rain in the Midwest, etc.

At this time the water level on the Mississippi River and the lakes in the area is not good. The river front park in Muscatine, Iowa is under water with the show is in danger of being flooded out this year. The show is scheduled for next weekend. Table Rock Lake in south central Missouri is above flood stage. All ramps are closed and the Classic Cruisin’ Weekend on the first weekend in June is in danger of being canceled. In St. Louis, we are on pins and needles as we watch the river level predictions for later in June. At this time the news is not too encouraging regarding our Grafton Harbor Classic Boat Show planned for the third weekend in June.

For the Grafton show, we are trying to come up with a contingency plan if at all possible. We still have some time to do so but the folks in Muscatine don’t. So, if your plans include a trip to one of these events you may need to watch their web sites for possible changes and updates.

Muscatine, Iowa – That Was Then, This is Now
Table Rock Lake – Classic Crusin’ Weekend
St. Louis, MO – Grafton Harbor Classic Boat Show

These ACBS Chapters will be doing everything in their power to have an event but must revert to Mother Nature’s behavior, unfortunately. Check back with each one of these for the latest news. We are very hopeful that each of them will be able to carry our their plans as scheduled. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your site, but let me correct the reports you have received about Table Rock lake. The lake is not above flood stage. It is at about 929.5 today, with flood pool at 931. It is about fourteen and half feet about the NORMAl power pool (915), but there are no navigation problems. We took our classic boat to lunch today at the floating cafe at Indian Point Marina and their launch ramp is open and has been. We boated to Big Cedar Resort last weekend and they have already extended their ramp to accomodate guests, the dock for the Saturday night Classic Crusin’ dinner stop has been extended and is being used. The docks at the home port and Chateau on the Lake (lunch stop)are in the process of being extended and should be ready in plenty of time for the event.

    The lake is a little bigger, but we’re still crusin’ in our classics at Table Rock.

    We hope to see you June 6,7 & 8th.

    John Thompson
    Table Rock Lake

  2. 46 Custom
    46 Custom says:

    Just a note about the identification of the boats in the Minnetonka Boat Works picture. I don’t believe that the boat marked as a Custom is a Custom. The front seat back is too narrow, the windshield is wrong and the transom is too flat. My guess is that it is a Capri. Now, if you look at the boat with its stern directly to the right of the barrel back, I believe that is a Custom. Note the thick and plush seat upholstery on the bench seat as compared to the thinner less plush bench of the boat just above it, which looks like a Riveria.

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    John, thanks very much for the encouraging update and correction regarding the water level at Table Rock Lake. So as long as there’s no problem finding a safe place to launch and retrieve we should be in for a good weekend on an even larger lake.

    The windshield on the boat tagged as a Custom in the photo is a wraparound, isn’t it? The other one does look more like a Custom.

    Thanks for your input.


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