Classic Boating – Destination of the Week


Today we’ll take a look at another destination that has been noted as waterless. We’ll take a peek at West Virginia and see what we can find.

West Virginia offers some of the best white water streams and rivers in the world that may lend itself to a different kind of woody boat. What we’re looking for is water to run our kind of woody boats in. It wasn’t easy but after studying maps and web sites I found some lakes in this incredibly beautiful state that may be just enough to make it a wise choice for the Woody Boater.

Three of the state’s major lakes are Summersville Lake, Sutton Lake and Stonewall Jackson Lake. They’re all nestled in beautiful mountain country with breath taking scenery in every direction and, more importantly, clear, cool bodies of water large enough to attract a classic boater. Bluestone Lake is another one to consider.

Stonewall Resort on Stonewall Jackson Lake offers the Woody Boater great accommodations, boat ramps and a marina. The lake is 2,650 acres of beautiful clear blue water.

Check out these web pages for more information about planning your classic boating trip in beautiful West Virginia.
West Virginia’s Lakes & Rivers
West Virginia State Parks & Forests

Just do it, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Gene
    Gene says:

    As far as lakes in WV go, the greatest pleasure boating ones are Cheat Lake outside Morgantown, and Tygart Lake at Grafton. All of West Virginia’s waters are extremely clean and so clear that seeing the bottom of rivers and lakes scares the daylights out of most boaters, they are certain they are about to run aground, even though the water is twenty feet deep.

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