Cobia Hunting… Not Cobra Hunting.


Fish’n fun

Saturday I was able to squeeze in a fun fishing trip between meetings in New Jersey. Yes, I drove 7 hrs home to go Cobia fishing with some pals. And 7 hrs back the next day. And even though we only caught 2 Cobias, one a toss back. So one, it was worth every hemorrhoid swelling minute of the drive.

Headed out to the bay – Anna Lynn  has twin diesels, and she can get there for sure in time to fish

The official shirt of C-4 Charters

Time to chat with friends

A huge thanks to our pals Heidi and Wayne for the invite.

The fish seem to want to meet Wayne. He is kind to everyone

Heidi has an infections laugh. What a great day out on the bay

Wayne’s son Christopher came down from DC for a fathers Day visit.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Okay, maybe for me, but shows you how small of a world we live in. Meet Cory Rice. The Captain and owner of C4 Charter Fishing. A great guy and worked his patootie off to find Cobia. For those of that have done this, it’s a very risky trip. Not because its dangerous, because it can be a crap shoot, as in no fish caught.

Our Captain Cory Rice

And Best mate Daniel….


They cut the tails off so they dont spin on the line. Genus!

Stop looking at me. You cant go swimming

Lines out, chum in..

HIT! – it did not happen as fast as it is here. We left at 1 came home at 7

Dang! That is one good fight.

Too small – Got tossed back in.

Taking photos now, waiting, chumming and laughing

Dang, does that guy see us?

WTF! There are fishing lines out, boat at anchor and this tool. We were in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay!

Still no fish, but a little drama to keep us going.

That line is moving. RUN

On a left handed reel. This is not going to go well

This was an epic fight. But the Boatress refused to give up

I have seen that look. Only this time it’s not me. Its that fish

The Boatress is right handed. Not easy, and she is cranking one turn at a time.

Its going around the boat, under the boat.. The crew is scrambling

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Btw if you have ever caught a Skate, it’s one hell of a fight.

At least she had some fun. Her smile always gets me! I am one lucky guy.

The ultimate fisherman

Wow when you have nothing to do, but wait, anything is funnier. My inner 12 year old brain, LOVED this.

More time to untangle lines.

Fire that sucker up! Cory Rice at the helm

Okay, back to Captain Rice. For those of you that really pay attention to our stories. RICE! As in Rice marine Railway, as in the place that Sweet Pea was built.

SWEET PEA’s badge

Cory Grandfather owned Rice Marine Railway. And so here we are fishing with part of our boats wonderful history. The Boatress Grandfather and great uncle worked for the Rices building our Trawler.

A good day. 1 keeper Cobia, Wayne caught it. right at 40 inches. Boatress one Skate, Chris smaller Cobia, and I think a Skate

This was like a Circle of life if you want to get sentimental and deep about it. And just a fun day of fishing with friends if you are less of a dreamer like me. if you want to go Fishing on the Bay , Cory is a wonderful guy and is all over this stuff. Does not miss a beat. The Website for C4 Charters is HERE.

HOME! Reedville, that is one of the many stacks that made up over 15 factories at one point.



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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    Being a sailor and a captain I got to ask did you have a day shape to signal that you were at anchor? And even if you did were you anchored in an area disignated by the secretary of the interior as an approved anchorage?
    Most likely the sailboat still had right away
    Charter fishing boats do not get commercial fishing right away.

    That being said it looked like you had a great day! The sun hasn’t been in the Chicago area for awhile!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      The Sailor literally had miles to see us and see the Anchor situation. There were several other charter boats anchored as well. He could have very easily taken the wind in another direction. I am not sure if the flag was up, but I am guessing it was, Cory is a great thoughtful Captain. He took no chances and was very safe about things. This was clearly another boater that was to self indulged to make the right move. To keep this going, Many times I may have the right away in a case, but always play it safe, knowing that there are many out there that have no clue. Or are just rude. Boat etiquette is far different than car etiquette

      • Mike K
        Mike K says:

        Yeah no kidding
        I wasn’t sticking up for the guy but thought it would be fun to throw the rules out there to discuss
        So often sailors think they have the right away too often

    • BP
      BP says:

      The Secretary of Interior designates specials anchorages, which in no way are intended for recreational fishing. Nor are they intended to specify which areas are “approved” for anchoring a vessel. They merely provide vessels under 65’ an area exempt from lighting and day shape requirements away from a frequently travelled waterway. Additionally, a vessel at anchor (given their length and purpose) doesn’t fall within the vessel hierarchy you mention. Therefore, how would a sailing vessel take precedence in a situation such as the one listed above?

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Nothing like a good day of fishing to brush off the tension of 14 hours worth of driving.

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