Coeur d’one!


The sun setting on the 2021 International

Here we go, Live-ish from Mr Steve Lapkin, reports in from Coeur d’Alene with lots of flowery words, and some amazing snaps.  Not sure what is more beautiful, the words or the snaps? Also at the bottom of the story is the link to the Big Winners from Dan at the ACBS. Take it away Mr Lapkin.

Big Sky, big walking bridge

Thanks Matt, Let’s see if I can wax poetic in the wee hours of the seventh day of a long-awaited on-the-water reunion at Priest Lake and Lake Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, for the members of the Antique & Classic Boat Society: their 2021 Annual Meeting that featured non-stop waterborne adventures, evening gatherings replete with western faire, intense judging for authenticity and originality, and much anticipated fellowship after a year’s hiatus brought on by the pandemic.

Best Hat Award!

Several prestigious awards are presented for Best Preserved Boat, Best Wooden Boat Restoration and Best Non-Wood Entry. In that order, this year’s recipients are Martin Felleto with a Riva Ariston, Renegade III,

Marty! You rule!

Jack Beatley, for a Chris-Craft Model 309, Sweet Pea,


and Richard Winn for a 1959 Glasspar Model G-3. Congratulations to all!

Glasspar: Best Non-Wood Entry of Show – Richard Winn

WOW, White, white and more white. 

Dang, there was still some Clorox in that bottle.

(The complete list of winners is in the link below) And please note: IF you don’t see an image here for a particular boat it simple was due to any of the following:
1) the entry arrived after photo opportunities were scheduled;
2) the boat was located where it was ‘comparatively’ less visible to my lenses, or
3) the boat, for whatever reason, was not on-the-water when, again, photo opportunities were planned.

Art! Pure Art, Not Molly O Art BTW..

As a freelance photographer, my eyes are invariably drawn to distinctive, even quirky, appointments and details. Depending upon Matt’s culling of over fifty photos (there were over 5,000 shutter clicks this week) submitted for your pleasure.

Wonderful. Blue, on blue with more blue. Steve Calls this. RED!

I’ve selected, herein, such specifics from a fleet of seventy marques and vintages.

Cru-Sader, Renegade III, Seas-the-Day, the Cobras (the prototype and last of the production,) Wuzz Fuzz, the Glasspar, Class of 59, Gargeous, Empress, Sindbad, Untouchable, and Pinks. The public, and the judges of each, were quite admiring and appreciative of their presence. I trust you will agree as you put your own eyes to each.

Dash perfection.

Always a favorite

Blond lust

Contrast of color, Gold and Blue

Fantastic Lettering, love the bold choice of Red. 

1961 with a very nice interior color match. Way to go 

Very very nice

This color is impossible to replicate, yet, here it is, or maybe its original?

Marty’s Big Chicken Dinner Winner,,,,, with some Grey Poupon


Look at the texture in the floorboard! OH HELL YA

TWIN ENGINES, insane great boat with tons…literally ..of Power. Is this Jims old boat?

Oh Boy!

I just want one ride

WHAT THE? Sometimes stuff just happens in front of the lense.

GO COBRAING – The Cobras: Owner – Brett Sargent (Proto and Finito)

Slow ride with the bride. I hope thats who that is? Oh boy.. This could be awkward.

Action! lapkin style. BTW, if you havent picked this up yet. No Captions so I got to make them up..

The miles of smiles Miss Sydney produces could solve the worlds problems.

Classic. Pure Classic

no old lost French Fries in that sofa- Tim Robinison’s 1938 Gar Wood w/ red interior

Dash lust , Note the satin finish on the deck!

There she is! One of our faves.

Wonderful dash cluster


BEST NAME WINNER. Love me a typo pun!

Dash perfection

Now this is something I did not expect to see, and LOVE IT

Century Love

More Dash Lust

Another fantastic Name  Century Coronado – Wes Yandt

More Blue, Blue, and see the red!


This annual event is now a wrap for 2021. Plenty of time for the to-do list of improvements during the upcoming off-season and in preparation for the 2022 venue which is planned for Lake Champlain.

A final shot!

Another huge thanks to Steve and his amazing eye and flowery words. For those interested, here is the Link to the ACBS Site and the list of Winners. BTW.. JACK, we need to talk about copyright issues with SWEET PEA.. HA!

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Am I the first? Wow, Another morning of great boat pictures! What a good way to start the day.

  2. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    Awesome show, great venue, great food, great golf, great time. Thank you Dan G. for all you have done. It was great working with you over the years. Thank you Inland Empire Chapter. Wonderful and memorable time.

  3. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Love the shots of Sindbad, I was hoping it would be shown.
    This is one of Dick Dow’s boats.
    Thanks for all the pictures of the show, they were great!
    You didn’t get one of Brian Flaherty’s red fiberglass Chris Craft. I love the name… Tupperware!

  4. JimF
    JimF says:

    Yes that is my old Sportsman with twin 327’s. I have a short video to show what it was like to take a ride and show the awesome sound she makes at speed. Please notice my friend Mark’s t shirt!

  5. Fredster
    Fredster says:

    Great event, outstanding boats, fascinating people !. Can’t thank Mr. Lapkin enough for his artistic vision, genuine interest and continuing friendship. ( crew of the blu & gray).

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    To quote a boat name, that was “Over the Top” coverage and I love that I can open the pictures in a separate window to enlarge to full screen. The quality/coverage is nonpareil. Thanks Steve.

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