DC To Buffalo, To Lake Hopatcong, Back To DC, Then Reedville, And Virginia Beach In Two Days. We Should Have Just Gone To The Airport. Oh Wait, We Did That Too.

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The Wicker Sisters and Dynamite At Katzs

Well, what started out as a fun back and forth to Buffalo for some wicker chairs turned into a whirlwind of a weekend. Heck a week of stories. We could do 2 full stories just on Bob Weavers amazing collection. And just may try.

Just a taste. Stay tuned! Owner Bob Weaver

So to recap.. we left Friday AM at 5AM, got a comment on Woody Boater around 10, detoured to meet up with some Buffalo Woody Boaters at there very cool place.  The Niagara Frontier Chapter

This place is cool as hell, and should be a model for ALL Acbs chapters. Stay tuned.

The first Sign Bob made as a 12 year old. Yes the collection starts there.

Then ran to Bob Weavers place. INSANE! Picked up the chairs. Headed back at 2PM. OK, all good, may get back to DC at 9:30… But ohhhh noooooo. One snide comment about Katz’s Marina and we said, hey? That’s a great idea lets go to Katz’s Marina and drop off the chairs and see WECATCHEM. Thanks Dave or Tim, whatever name your using now, for the reminder.

That’s a little bit of the red interior. 15 coats all ready for stripes.

WECATCHEM looking fantastic – Stripes were done Saturday Morning

We made it to Katzs Marina at around 8PM and drooled all over WECATCHEM and by 9 were headed to DC. Made it to DC at 1:30AM

Seth and Jimmy about to leave, I am staying here and sleeping on my boat!

And then there is this! Oh yeah, we are talk’n plastic fun for sure.

You’re going to want to sit down for this one! Local Virginia boat!

OK, now head down to home in Reedville, and mow the lawn and take a fresh barn find into the barn to prep for this coming weekend fun.

Ok, things got a little strange. But this is a Road Trip! We at least  stayed in Virginia.

Then at 8AM on Sunday, off to Virginia Beach to the Military Aviation Museum, and an air Show.  and then back to Reedville and now DC.. A grand total of around 1500 miles! Or, a grand total of about a week or two of stories. Not to mention some other stuff that came in! Dang! Tune in this week for some cool stuff. Oh, and Dave, Tim, whatever, we will also try and thread Katzs Marina into each story for you!

Yes, we are going to do a story on this as well.

And this!

Dang, which story first? There is also an insane barn find XK18 with 120 hrs we just got word on. This is not the week to miss. No if you will excuse me, I need to drive back to DC. I have an early meeting.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You should stop wasting your time with the silly work thing, and just drive around the country collecting material for us. Sounds like some good stories will be coming our way this week!

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Yowzerr! Now that’s a complete and perfect restoration. Will the word patina ever be mentioned again? The first ding will be painful. Nice job again Katz’s folks!

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Jeepers! I’m up for a bit of WW2 aviation and 88 Flak gun action. Do it do it do it! Just look at that Corsair in the header. What a beast. The full nine yards.

  4. Bob in Mazeppa
    Bob in Mazeppa says:

    The sound of those big radial engines and full pitch on the prop is fantastic. My Dad was a Flight Engineer on a Navy P2V 3350 cubic inch and 2800 HP about on take off. We many trips to the big EAA air show in Oshokosh WI to see the home built and old war birds.

  5. steve in the woods
    steve in the woods says:

    Boats, planes, & cars; nervana! Back in 70’s had a Pirranha w/ Merc 125 xs and Baker plate. Friends’ dad had his Grumman Mallard with 8-10 drunks on board on Rayburn we were photo boat for takeoff…we made it to 6500 rpms and in the sixties till we were out of water, more than in. The Noise, the Spray when those huge radials turned a boat into a Huge plane! Oh, cannot remember what happened to pics.

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Sounds like it is going to be a fun week!

    Wonder what Dave/Tim will have to say about all this fun stuff. Maybe we should just call him Dim?

    Any BACON in there anywhere?

  7. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Oh no! Not those d*mned airplanes again! AND CHAIRS! And a big metal gun! This is a wooden boat website! Oops, it is your website, Matt. Love all of the “other” stuff!

  8. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    Like your name is really “Matt Smith”

    And don’t try and trace me by my email either …..

  9. kevin F
    kevin F says:

    On June 2, in Reading PA, the big Mid Atlantic WWII Weekend is going on with lots of planes and guns. One can get rides in the planes as well. Prices have gone up though; what was a few hundred a few years ago, is now a few thousand for a ride…

    But I will be there, sans uniform, should be great!

  10. ScottK
    ScottK says:

    It’s a boat.
    It’s a plane.
    It’s wood.
    It can haul all the bacon that you could ever want….and scotch…..and chicken on a stick…..and gator bites….and sponsor that piss off Dim…..

    Howard built the best cruiser ever!!

  11. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    My 3 passions (besides family) Cars, Boats and Airplanes. Here is my toy room!

    Denis D

  12. Martin
    Martin says:

    Very nice! I agree, just stay out on the road for a few weeks collecting material. Nice pictures. Looks like things are coming together nicely.

  13. Rich DeGlopper
    Rich DeGlopper says:

    Come back to Buffalo this summer as there is much more to see and do! We are running an event featuring the evolution of race boats along with a great display of custom and vintage cars. Oh yeah…..there will be some pin-up gals mingling with the spectators and participants!
    We will also show you around to some interesting boat shops and projects. Visit: http://thunderouterharborbuffalo.weebly.com/ for details

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