Holzmotorboot V8 Innenborder Klassiker Traumboot Schöner Als Eine Riva


While in Germany, the ebay addiction does not end. And here is a classic. Enjoy german ebay! According to a loose translation, it’s a “Wood Boat V8 Inboard classic dreamboat nicer than a Riva” boat thing on German ebay. The Hoff comes with it! OK, the Hoff will be here in Germany on New Years, so sadly if you buy this, and no I wont bring it home for you, the Hoff was just a teaser. Not familiar with the Hoff?Here ya go..

Then if you can concentrate, here is the Wood boat better than a riva on ebay.de

And if it helps, here is the description.. It says its wood, and in perfect condition, Volvo Penta Motor and has a trailer. So maybe you can drive it home.. until you hit the Atlantic.

Wir verkaufen hier unseren Traum aus Mahagoni uns Pinie in nahezu neuwertigem Zustand.


It has a cleat.

Diese Schönheit wurde 1989 in der Baltek Werft in Kiel aus den edelsten Hölzern gefertigt die zur Verfügung standen. Erstwasserung 2004 !! Der Rumpf ist komplett aus Vollholzmahagoni/auf Eiche und das Deck aus Wurzelholzmahagoni und Red Pine Hölzern gefertigt – das ganze in absoluter Perfektion!

Angetrieben wird dieses Schiff durch einen standesgemäßen Volvo Penta V8 Motor der ausreichend Leistung liefert für dieses Runaboat.(150 KW )

Das engine in der Boot.

Es ist 5,60m lang und hat eine Breite von 2,10m

neuwertige Persenning und Trailer im Angebot enthalten

Das Boot ist seit 2003 in meinem Privatbesitz und wird unter ausschluss jeder Gewährleistung verkauft.

Actually very cool deck work

Das Header art. The bow lines look like late Chris Craft


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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    We have an adopted daughter in Germany so it’s fun to see a little taste of Germany culture here on Woody Boater. Kathi was an exchange student that was granted a US Congress/Bundestag scholarship to spend a year in the USA in 1993, just 3 years following reunification and 4 years after the Wall came down. She is from former East Germany, DDR, from Potsdam near Berlin.

    That area of Germany has some amazing waterways that we enjoyed in 2000 when we visited Kathi and her family in Potsdam. Her parents had a small Woody Boat and took us on a water tour in and around the city. Many of the boats in their marina were beautiful old wood boats. The marina had vending machines with cold (well, somewhat cool) Bier, Pilsener, Beer! How convenient!

  2. Martin Feletto
    Martin Feletto says:

    Al – I know I am gonna take some s..t from the gang on this one but I just got back from Germany yesterday. Here is a picture of me, former girlfriend, and former Riva Olympic in Potsdam about 10 years ago. It, as you said, has a lot of water and beautiful areas!!

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