Fellow Woody Boaters, Chris Craft Club, Staying Afloat In Ceder Rapids Flood.


As many of you have seen on the 6 o’clock news, and the 6:30, 7,8, 11…24 hr news. The Midwest is going through hell. It’s one thing to watch on the news and wince and turn the channel and try and watch a re-run of I love Lucy. But for many of our fellow Woody Boaters it’s all to real. The Chris Craft HQ is in Cedar Rapids. Updates on the Chris Craft Boat Buzz are amazing, and a very personal point of view on this flood. Countless other members of the woody boater family have been effected. Our prayers are going out to them. What is playing out for the Chris Craft Antique Boat club though is intense drama. The flood waters which are some 30 feet ABOVE flood stage are slowly creeping up towards the HQ building. The water was at 12th street yesterday 13th street by the afternoon, and the HQ is on 14th street. For some freak reason the power is still on in the HQ building. Keeping the sump pump going. The irony of a sump pump/bilge keeping the Chris Craft Club afloat has not gone unnoticed by us.. I suppose in the future, it will be a funny foot note on this tragedy. But not now. Its just pure survival. What has been the most amazing thing is that while this is going on. The Boat Buzz and other Chris Craft club business has not missed a beat. Bill Basler the head of the Chris craft Club sent out an email apologizing for the glitches in the system. For the record Bill. You and your co workers are amazing, and our hearts are all in Cedar Rapids…on 15th street ….