Going To The Warner Auction In Winsted Alone?


For gods sake bring a side kick… One that knows how to keep you out of trouble. And for those of you that are planning on dropping some major coin.. Bring a professional. You need a person that is objective and knows what they are talking about, and will help guide you through this.. After all that $1,000 25 ft Sportsman could end up costing you $135,000 in the end because you thought that original wood is like orig metal. Or that $75,000 one of a kind original boat you bought should actually not be restored and used with the kids. These are subtle things that will keep you out of trouble and divorce court.  Now is the time to get your help. We contacted Antique Boat Center on Friday and they are already getting calls for representation. They will have folks there at the show, Lou Rauh, Joel, Dennis and Jeremy will be there ready to help. If not Antique Boat Center, think about if you have a restorer that you like.. Dan Nelson of Nelson Boat Works one of the countries top restorers and a great guy is a local there. If you live out of town and have a local person you trust.. Fly them there.. The cost of an airplane ticket is nothing in the grand scheme…This is a very honest crowd, but your emotions and dreams can get the best of you.. And the boats on the list have some very subtle unique qualities…or not…Here are some points to consider..
1. Knowledge is you best friend…
2. Antique Boat Center for example has a professional approach with 20 years of experience at this. Ask about a process with whomever you take…..It really helps
3 A consultation can be the voice of reason for evaluation, you pal Mel who likes boats to may not be your best voice of reason..
4. At Antique Boat Center, Lou Rauh, wrote a book, published by the Chris- Craft Antique Boat Club on how to buy a wood boat you may want to get one of those if you are new to this.
You will also want to consider if you buy something.. Transport, insurance. ( We will do a story on Hagerty later) Financing? Appraisals… There will also be a bunch of stuff that relates to classic boating that you may want help on.. So now is the time to book your new pal.. Once they are booked on a certain item or person you may run out of pals.. And then all you have is me.. ME! And I love everything and talk you into anything just for the story.. Except for that 25 ft sportsman… That’s mine.. I am not bringing up $1,000 for nuth’n…

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Wow! WoodyBoater, your Sportsman fund has grown by 4,000% in just a few days (25 to 1000). At that rate of increase you can have real fun by auction time (I need to talk to your investment councilor).

  2. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Well, I know that Mike Mayer from Lake Oswego Boat Co. will be there, taking time off from the restoration of the 1948 25' Sportsman Barn Wood, and so will Mike Green from Maritime Classics. Having guys like these two, and Lou Rauh & Co. will save many perspective purchasers a lot of grief, and will also probably help the best boats attain values they deserve. A win-win I would say. It sounds to me like just about anyone with a significant interest in the hobby is planning to be at this event.

    My wife is coming in to make sure I don't do anything stupid (again), but also to see a collection the likes of which I don't believe we can see in one place anywhere else.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Another highly recommended local expert, Mark Sauer of St Paul Shipwrights, is right there and very knowledgeable about this collection.

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