Gravenhurst Live-ish. Over A Gabazillion Photos.

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The YNOT Donzi “BB” headed out for some fun

A huge thanks to The YNOT Yacht guys and Chris Bullen for sharing some amazing photos this week from the huge Gravenhurst show. Only one small problem. ALL the dam photos are amazing! Literally around 200 photos!  So we are going to break up the report into several reports. Hope that’s okay with everyone. Darn, two days of great photos from a great place! How will we survive. And guess what? no captions, so I get to make them up!

Lots of boats, Lots of fun

Out having fun!

Join the crowd

Dang! maybe a little racing around?

Touring boat houses. And this place is the mother of all boathouse plases


They came form the US to enjoy the Canadian hospitality.

Out having fun

Plastic and Wood can co exist. That Vintage Donzi is amazing

But man oh man, what a beautiful boat! A Fletcher?

Wait come back!

More zipping around

Happy people, make a happy show!

Zip zip!

Oh Crap!

Hail Canada!

What a fun day!

More of that amazing Donzi!

Touring the lake

I think this is the Poker run! Which is a huge fun pre event.

Chris and his camera. We have litterally hundreds more photos to come. And video!

Very cool boat houses

That Donzi Again. OK, I am getting one of these.


Stop taunting me.

The YNOT guys can make brown water look fantastic!

Does this look like the perfect way to go Woodyboating? Hell yes!

Yes, Mmm I am in a meeting right now, can I call you later? Ya.. Sorry? What? Your breaking up? I will have to call you right after…. Hello..

Not funny anymore. I want it!

What an amazing location

Here comes the judge…s

And the judging.

The Trusty Century Shoot boat

This is where I had to stop for now. It goes on and on, and on. Here is a tease for more to come.


Mother of god! I wasn’t kidding. You think I am going to show the best just on the first day?

Stay tuned!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Now I have to mop up the drool pool on my desk. Great looking boats and everyone having fun. What nobody got towed in?

    • Aaron
      Aaron says:

      1974 or 1975 24′ El Pescador owned by Bill and Jan Stephenson of Marine City, Michigan. Twin small blocks.

  2. Richard daley
    Richard daley says:

    Richard Daley
    The best and most boat houses I have ever seen are on this group of lakes bar none.
    That is of course after you take Lee Andersons out of the equation.
    It worth the trip just to tour this group of lakes to view the boat houses .
    This very historic cottage country was developed before roads, thus it was by boat that you traveled to the cottages often by chauffeured launch, Tolka was built fo these lakes. In order to protect these great boats from sometimes violent weather as well as for winter storage the great boat houses of the Muskokas evolved. You can tour these lakes on the 1887 steamship Segwun. This is north America’s oldest operating coal fired steamship, a bucket list item for every woody boater.

  3. Dean
    Dean says:

    Winnipesaukee has some incredible boat houses. Taking the boat house tour is high on my bucket list.

  4. Rich
    Rich says:

    Thanks to Chris Bullen for all the organizing and taking everyone else’s picture. I think it’s about time we finally had a picture of him.

  5. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    We had 5 days of boating and no rain coats , we are now back to rain. not sure how we did it. There must have been some very good people on the boats last week. thanks to all those who came out to visit, go boating, show a boat, and volunteer! i am napping this week

    • Lisa Gridley
      Lisa Gridley says:

      Thank you so much to Chris and Julie Bullen and Linda and Rich Hughes and others who spent countless hours organizing all of the events leading up to the Gravenhurst show. We met lots of new people, got the opportunity to see inside some unbelievably amazing boathouses and most importantly, we got to run our boats on the beautiful waters of Muskoka.

  6. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    6-7 Shepherds there and not ONE PHOTO , sorry but I did not get my fix on this one, maybe in another episode to come:)
    We will be there again next year but the show is so intense I cant promise any photos.:):)

    Only water front that could possibly top this area for volume of jaw drop has to be on the St Lawrence river. Be there in 18 days for a week running the river, and seeing old friends.

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