Hagerty Goes To Cape Town South Africa.

Here I am at the ends of the earth, fishing through my computer bag for a something or other and what do I find… My trusty Hagerty pen. My pal leans over and says. Hey .. perfect I was looking for a pen.. And there like always Hagerty is there. Only they are here with me in South Africa, and now they are with you at your desk top, at work, or in your underpants with a cup of joe reading this. OK the pen is not in your underpants.. Thats a diffent style of marketing… By the way a very efective style of marketing.. only not…… oh never mind….. Actually a tanker ran aground here yesturday. This seems to be a common thing here, the winds and current are very intense.. As I sit here looking at my new conection to home.. my trusty hagerty pen. I have decided that I am taking my new traveling companion with me to all the shows left this summer… First Chuck Noland had Wilson and now Me and my Hagerty pen….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well, WoodyBoater, it's a positive sign that you survived that visit to the hood from your last post. I can't believe you actually went there.

    The Hagerty pen must be a good luck thing. I think I would keep it with me from now on. When trouble approaches, just flash your secret weapon, wear it low on the hip and tied down for a quick draw.


  2. Christopher@hagerty.com
    Christopher@hagerty.com says:

    Ahhh yes, the H factor goes global!! I know we offer unlimited navigation, but Cape Town?? Next time you see some shots of the folks in the Space Station, look real close at the pens attached to their clipboards…..

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am looking for a 1955-56 19’ Chris Craft Capri ( Run about )in South Africa – to restore, you don't happen to know or have come across dealers in SA who would be able to find one. I would like to ship it to Mauritius where I live and restore it in my own time – will probably be the only one on the island if I can get one here.
    Pls respond to Matt at email address mattluckhurst@hotmail.com

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