Headed Back To The Real World, You Know, The One With Plastic Boats And Electric Cars, And Ya, Normal People. Ugh!

Take a right at the insane 1929 26fter. WOOOO! LOVE this boat

On the road at 5AM and headed back, wow, that went by fast. And a true reminder of the magic of this community. And I mean real magic. It was a great pleasure seeing many of you, and catching up, even the folks that just rambled on. HA, WARNING, I am brain dead and don’t remember any of it. But I’ve got pictures. And man oh man, do we have some fun Sausage. Sorry for the short story today. But its an early start. So have at it!


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  1. Scott K
    Scott K says:

    This has been the best time yet.
    Many laugh till you cry moments with friend who are now much more than friends. They are family, the family that you cant wait to see aga8n tomorrow…..yes, you too Troy.
    The M-Fine MEATFEST 2023 was epic!!!. But we will need some time to purge the meat-sweats.

    Oh, and the boat show was ok too.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Had a great time! As always, the people were even better than the boating, even Troy and Mayer!

    HUGE Thanks to the Harrisons for opening their home and hosting this motley crew. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Safe travels to all. Yes I missed Dora another year. Maybe next year. I am glad that I am not fighting traffic in I 75 north pulling a boat today. I had to find some good.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Still in Baltimore for another hour. Anyone know how many bushels of blue crabs will fit in a 737 overhead bin?

  5. Art
    Art says:

    Matt I was going to take a picture of that logo on that insane 1929 26fter CC but got caried away talking to the owner about it. It was his grandfathers boat and he thinks that it came that way from CC.
    I have never seen that style logo (or whatever its called) and wondered if it was original? Anyone out there smarter than me, and that could be most of you, clue me in?

  6. Royce A. Humphreys
    Royce A. Humphreys says:

    So great to see you and the Boatress Matt! Safe travels and fun times chasing after Seth in the black Cobra. Happy to drive for you in the wolf in sheep’s clothing Cavalier! Whew!

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