I Am Dizzy.. Speechless, And Numb! Live-ish From Algonac II


There are times in ones life where you find yourself standing at a certain place and saying .. I really don’t care what else is going on in the world. I am doing the only thing on the planet that I want to be doing.. Exactly where I want to be. Today was such a day. About half way through the day though, I kinda blanked out.. It was overwhelming. Information overload. The history being shoved into my pea brain was to much. And yet, not enough.

The day started with the best breakfast I have ever had at our Bed and breakfast. Lindas Lighthouse Inn. A MUST STAY BY THE WAY! mmm blue berry french toast.. mmmm.. yes I know, get to the boats.. Trust me.. Breakfast was worthy of mention….

Mr White being put in the correct slip.

May look like every other boat out there. But no it aint. Its one very very rare Maliskey Built by you guessed it.. Irving Maliskey. One of only 3 built.

Real Chris Craft Kit boats. WOW

Details details details… I am looking for an antique store tomorrow.

A Chris Craft motor. 10 hp… or 18 .. only the boat knows..

More Chris Craft kits..

Egg Beater. This jersey skiffs history is to die for. The paisley deck is coming soon.. OUCH… This is one very cool boat.

So. There I am sitting at Kocian Instruments booth, chatting with Dale Kocian and his brother, and before I knew it, the tent had turned into a history class. That’s Chris Youngblood one of the Smiths through his mom who is married to…. Dear god … Smiths on the left. YES, another smith There are more Smiths here than the NY city phone book. DANG.. Little Smithlets paddling around on there Kayaks. old Smiths, teenage Smiths. Smiths with different names.. I felt right at home..

Mays Craft. I can’t even begin to talk about this place and the boats.. It ain’t web site easy.. Its more like a book, or a documentary. Really. I had to sit down. The history, the life, the collection of stuff. It was like visiting a museum. Only no one has told anyone that yet. And it changes daily. THESE BOATS ARE MAGNIFICENT! PERIOD. Imagine paying $150,000 for a brand new perfect motor from Italy, AND that’s just the start, ya tear it down and rebuild it only better.. Put two of those in one boat.. That’s kinda a start. of what the boats are like.

Just sitting around a shop.. Mixed in with all the other stuff.

I needed a break. Just sat there and even nature was torturing me.

Tiny tugs.. Even the strange stuff is cool

Miss America X Yes. Its real, yes it’s here. And you arent. Ahhhhhhhh

Miss America XXXXXXXX .. Still cool, even the junk is cool. Chris Craft house boats!

Barber shop quartets. OH! By the end of the day, this all seemed right in place and very natural…

The big awards handed out by fancy folks. Here is Gale Turner. President of ACBS international handing an award out. NAMES TO COME LATER.

Chris Smith talking about his favorite Chris Craft. The U22! Woohoooo! And who knew, that was the feature boat of the event. And there is a big fancy award.. WOW. That is one cool award. To have been judged by Chris Smith, and awarded by him, at the home of Chris Craft.. WHO gets it?

MR WHITE! Here is John and Kim Kadimik from Lake Hopatcong…getting the big award. This was the first ime in over 30 years that John and Kim have missed there own show.. In my book this is beyond Best in Show, and best of anything. The honor of that in this sacred location. is amazing. But so is the boat.
The perfect Algonac photo. On the deck of a very sweet pre war utility. Cokes, and tools… At the tower where it all started.
Oh… it wasn’t over after the awards..Ohhhhh no! Dinner with Herb Pocklington. Yup. This guy is razor sharp and a hoot to be with. Yes I have read all the books that say what it was like to work there. Yes I get that on an intellectual level.. But yakking it up at Dinner and over some drinks. This is why the hobby is what it is. Why its fun.. Because the stewards of the industry were and are that way.. It’s in my boats DNA to be fun and not take its self to seriously. What Herb has done for this community is beyond words.Dinner was a small affair. Just herb, John, Kim, Madonna and I… No not the like a virgin Madonna.. And frankly if it had been.. egh! More on th
e statue as it unfolds

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