I Am On My Way To Lake Tahoe.. Hold on.. Just A Second.


CRAP I already left Reedville to get there.

Well, now what? Sweet Pea didn’t win the peoples choice award… And in order to get to Tahoe to get the award next year I had to make an audible. So I left last week and well.. Hold on, I did the math. Looks like about 6,000 nautical miles to Sacramento. mmm Lets say at 8 knots.. That’s 48,000 hours of driving, and thats at 8 hrs a day. So lets see, 8 hrs per day x8 knots is 64 miles. Right? My math is worse than my spelling. 64 miles a day would take, wait hold on.

Oh god, I will be in lake Dora in 2025. maybe the docks will be fixed by then? OUCH! Sorry.

If I never stopped thats 2000 days. At 24 hrs a day. Right? So divide that into 8 hrs. roughly 6,000 days at 8 hrs a day, which is around 15 years. But then I have to stop and fuel. Hold on hold on, Wait, Hold on, I have time. Like 20 years, cause I will need an engine rebuild in Panama. And thats like 2,000 for a boat under 50 ft. Give or take 10K depending on how many drugs you are caught with. Fuel. GAD!


Okay okay, that would cost oh I don’t know. My head is spinning. But a crap load. Even at 1 gallon per hr thats 4 bucks per gallon times times 6,000 is around 30,000 bucks pesos and whatever in fuel. Food.. Repairs. Marriage counseling.. AHHHHHHHH. But it’s so worth it!


Was worth it? But since she didnt win, I will have to unfortunately turn around. And I had just lined up a sherpa to haul Sweet Pea from The coast to Lake Tahoe, oddly they had an opening in 2040. The good news is I only made it out of my creek, and should be back home in a week.

I may be over my head here.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE LAKE TAHOE GANG FOR MAKING THIS FUN, AND KEPT THE SHOW AT THE HIGHEST STANDARD. I hope we see more of this in the future. A combo Virtual, real experience. With online voting, and stories. The future looks fun, inviting, and open to new possibilities.

Thanks for the fun

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Looks like you should have east and west coast boats. Maybe north and south also so you just fly in and you’re all set. Sorry about Sweet Pea not winning. Guess the horse head in the judge’s bed didn’t work. Next time we will try pulling the Scripps out of his boat and putting that in bed with him.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    your entire plan is GREAT…..not a problem until you need engine work in Panama….end of journey….empty wallet…

    make another plan and Go Boating!

    I voted…we should get those little stickers saying I voted for Sweet Pea.
    John in Va

  3. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Low boy trailer and a semi Tractor . Wide load signs and go! Take about 7 days to get there. Hang out on her in Tahoe and enjoy.

  4. Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone says:

    Look at your post from September 27,2015.Woods and Water Show.
    You will see a picture of your arch nemesis Nezzie being towed in.
    Should have left her out there and then you would not have the competition.

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