“I Don’t Know How To Explain This To People” Texx


One of the many killer boats, this Hacker was very...very fast.. And yes, they are very very happy.

As we were headed out on the water with 30 or so amazing classic boats with Chris Smith and his daughter Joy in Chris’s amazing custom Sea Skiff. Texx leaned over to me and just laughed. “I don’t know how to explain this” To be honest none of us do.. It was .. is simple jaw dropping.. Only a picture can tell, just part of the story. To see it all in real life is too much..

Out on the Lake with Joy and Chris, and 30 close woody boaters on are way to a picnic!

Little Miss Maple Leaf having some fun.

Alan and Faye Smith on Smith Skiff. This boat is extremly photogenic.

A fun Sportsman having some fun.. Look at that water!

Little Lyman Outboard having some real fun!

Pat Chaps on Moxie with a gang of shooters. Wait, I want to see that photo!

A stunning Peterborough heading out to the lake!


Miss Torch Lake headed out.. Owner Dennis Spillane.. Who is stuck at home looking at his boat on Woody Boater! How frustrating is that?

All the boats turned and headed into the marsh and bam! A house. A killer house, and amazing house.. LUNCH!

Everything on this house had to be barged in by boat. The lunch was amazing, and around 100 folks showed up.. What wonderful hosts!

The grill! I wasnt kidding!

Texx and Chris talk'n Algonac stuff!

Lets GO! back on the water!

The Sons of varnish are always ready


Stay tuned for more images from Friday.. We shot over 750 pictures. My finger tips are bleeding..


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  1. Jeff P
    Jeff P says:

    Maybe you can explain why youre awake at 1:30am posting stories instead of resting. Great pict. looks like ya’ll had a good time. Thanks for posting them early… now get some rest

  2. Jim Godlewski
    Jim Godlewski says:

    The water really is something else… What a great picnic and spectacular view from the top of the Bryson’s home. Great job to all. Thanks for posting the photos Texx. Get ready for another WoodyBoater Day.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Ha – If you leave right now…. We will arrange to get you on one of the boats to Harsons Island, and…

  3. pat chaps
    pat chaps says:

    Thanks for including the great picture of Moxie.
    Sheila an I enjoyed spending time with the Woody Boater crew today.
    See you tomorrow at the Old Club Brunch, considered the best part of the show by many people.

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