I'm Not Ready For The Weekend To End!


Dang, that’s a great title for a country song! What a weekend here in VA. 80 degrees, no humidity and big puffy clouds. Went through 2 tanks of gas. I left my eco footprint all over the Bay and you know what? My kids will have to deal with it later. Can’t get them outa bed or mow the lawn anyway….. Teenagers. Here is a nice way to start the work week, a boat ride on a 1955 classic woody on Lake Hopatong.. They even have the right dog… Dang!!! Thanks to Hopatong Woodies… Woooohooooo! UPDATE. Dogs name “Buddy” and the owners sons name is Buddy! Boats name… Of course.. “Bestbuddy II” See, get a cool classic boat and you got Buddies all around you!.