Is Idaho Queen Of The Lakes?

Stunning Priest lake in Northern Idaho

The shots and love stories came in from 3 folks yesterday. One for Lake George and two for Idaho. Lake George is a no brainier . But Idaho? Not New England? Minnesota? Lake Tahoe? Anyone? Idaho.. I am going to wind up in Idaho with a pack of Weeners and t-shirts.. I have to say though from the images.. Well worth the trip.. And I don’t have to bring potato chips.. That’s for sure…thanks to Wes Yandt.. He said…

No question about it. Priest Lake in Northern Idaho but don’t tell anybody.

It’s gorgeous crystal clear waters are nestled in amongst the majestic Selkirk Mountains. What could be better? Beautiful lake, great cabins, family, friends and awesome WOODYS!! Come join us for the annual Dry Rot show in Sept.

(Pictures show two great woodies built by The Yandt Boatworks; the Greyhound 1921 and the Uncle Bob 1963. The Uncle Bob was just recently restored and the beach fire you can see us burning the old planks)


And the folks at McCalls Boat Works

Hi Matt
I have to admit, my favorite Woody Lake is Redfish Lake in Stanley, Idaho

3 hours North of Boise, Idaho
I was raised at Redish Lake during the summer months my family owned and operated this “isolated” and “unknown” lodge and lake for 30+ years it is now the cats meow to the most gorgeous backcountry in the world, except, yielding to the Tetons the lake sits in the Sawtooth mountains and it is usually the coldest place in the United States (West)

We love boat camping there with our woodies the majestic mountains and a good cup of coffee with your woody-afloat is all you need there is nothing better but maybe a little huckle berry picking, cliff jumping, water skiing or just sitting around with friends and soaking in the sun watching one’s D-O-G fish off the dock no matter what.

I vote Redfish Lake as my Fave

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  1. Dale
    Dale says:

    I’ve lived in most areas of the country and I would have to say Idaho probably is the Queen of Lakes. Especially Northern Idaho. Many woody boaters know of Coeur D’ Alene from the ACBS International shows held there in the past. Even though it is a beautiful setting and a great lake, its national recognition comes from its close proximity and easy access from Spokane, as well as Hagadone developments like the Coeur D’ Alene Resort.

    If you learn the area however, you will find Coeur D’ Alene is an also ran compared to a number of other lakes in the area. The big ones are Priest Lake and Lake Pend Oreille. But don’t stop there. Spokane boasts 100 navigable lakes within a 100 mile radius. Most if not all are deep, clear water lakes surrounded by exquisite scenery.

    FRANCHINI says:

    I am glad that others are quicker than myself at the responses. At least once a summer we drive 7 hours, one way, from Seattle to get to Northern Idaho for some Woody Boating! I have not missed the Sandpoint show for 5 years now on Lake Pend Oreille. 40 miles of DEEP clear water with the majority of the shoreline void of development. This year I have a schedule conflict and will not be able to make the show. We are going to replace it with the Dry Rot Run at Preist Lake. Several Seattle ACBS members have done this event in the past few years and say it is not one to miss! So Matt, here is a +1 for Idaho. No backing out and sending Texx, he goes already!!

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    In addition to clear water and beautiful scenery, one of my personal criteria is “swim ability”. Is it too cold for swimming? Are there gators? Is the water clean?

  4. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    The Great Lakes room enough to get away. You don’t have to look at land if you don’t want to. Out the “River” to anywhere. All under environmental threath. Pollution and invasive species. Thank God
    woodyboaters keep tidy ships.

  5. ElectoLake
    ElectoLake says:

    Been to most in the Northern Idaho area and I have to admit Priest is my home for wood. There are a few residents with their wood boats and it really gets to be a party in September with the “Rot”. Some fine boats, but a great lake to explore, try Upper Priest, superb.

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