It Was The Event Of The Century!

Krunch at the Lakeside Inn.

The walk in shot from the deck of one amazing Century Utility.. In a very basic set up.. More on that later.
The Century Club and Hagerty Insurance put on a great social event tonight at the Lakeside Inn in Mt Dora, welcoming everyone to town. It was the best one yet. That’s Carla from Hagerty at the table….as you entered the event one had to walk through some of the nicest Centurys in the US. One after another. Sorry Phil…wish you were here. Then as we walked through, folks were chatting and sharring finish stories.. showing off there plastic girl friends…There is even a guy that applied 70 yes 7..0.. coats of west to the out side of hus boat and then a gillion coats of awgrip… I have to say.. It looked amazing. Like a table at a resturant.. Here is daughter gives us a wave… she was not plastic for the record.Even on land these boats make us want to wave… The dinner was ………. but its not about ranch dressing tonight.. It’s about meeting old and new friends. And that was fantastic. More tomorrow.. Stay tuned..Oh god… it was getting late.. And the plastic ladies were getting to Krunch

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