It’s A Real Boat Show in 2021, And No Masks. The First Sign Of Life In Woodyboaterville! OVER 80 Photos!


What a setting!

Yes, this is LIVE-ish. And from New Zealand. Where it’s summer when we are in winter, toilets run backwards, and Sunday is already over. Oh, and Covid crap is being managed like the bitch that it is! Here is a report from Phil Andrews and a more official one from Jacquetta Bell. Take it away Phil.

Hello from New Zealand

Hi Matt and fellow WoodyBoaters, Sunday night here having just put the boats away in the museum/shed. Due to a Covid outbreak in Auckland the country was plunged into a lockdown which was only released on Saturday evening. This meant the show could only run Sunday so sadly many entrants from The upper North island and Auckland couldn’t come along.
We did however manage to get a show of sorts. I was busy running my 3 Century boats so didn’t have time to get shots on the water. Last year we had Steve Lapkin doing the honours for our WB community so this year i hope you enjoy my pictures of on land boats.

Kets start with some Steamers… Anyone? Too early?

Mini Steamers Bruiser! NO! Go outside!

These shows get smaller and smaller every year.

They ride better in the water.

Can you imagine the accident scene here? Ya, I have a trailer full of boats and .. well, we are gonna need..

I know New Zealand is a Small Island, BUT?

Even the people are small? What has happened to that wonderful country..

OH, just add water and they all grow up! Cool!


Rows of grass, rows of Centurys

Not to be confused with Fred Williams of Kansas, who is a Pig Farmer. Just sayn

The Russians are here.. The Woodskys! Too early? Not funny?

Is that Safa -Craft? Safe Craft, Sofa Craft? And either way. Worst brand name award

It’s cool in a Bird kinda way

LOVE the engine

OH HELL YA! That is one cool ass engine cover

It’s a ? 69

LOVE this as a logo idea!



Cool wheel

Manifold lust


cool turbo?

More manifold lust

Perfect lettering

There she is!


Stuart Little engine

Now Sailboats without bows

Looks like fun to be honest

Love the turqua


LOVE the two greens



That gas tank is die for!

Cool set up

Steam again! Perfect name!

OKAY this is a pure work of art. PERFECT

Big Steamers! Killer transom


Cappuccino maker?

Are we all googleing POG now?

Feels official. LOVE IT

Pick a country.

FARGO is back

Cool as Fargo, in the winter.



The look of love



The waer and tear are flawless

OH YA! PreRestoric


Leave it be!

She Sparkles

Best Trailer award

What lines

Oh, just park it over there in G spot

Open says me!


Great colors

Love the KIWI

Tweek and Turn


Perfect color

Cool trailer sides

Yes it is


The colors of the headers is perfect. Stop running it now!


MH40! Incase you missed it



I am so confused? Cobra?

Where is the Grey?

And now from Jacquetta

Covid restrictions lifted just in time to allow the 22nd NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show to go ahead as a one-day event on Sunday (March 7).

The annual show held annually at Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park usually runs over two days, but drew a good crowd on Sunday, with close to 30 late registrations making up for those unable to travel from Auckland.

The wooden power boat Rita took the Jens Hansen Trophy, having been towed up from Tarras by her owner, Michael Hayman. The 6m boat was built in Waimate, with an open cockpit designed after boats used on Sydney Harbour.

Boat show judge John Harris said the winner was impressive as a 100 year old veteran of the water.

“Rita impressed us as a wooden plank runabout built in 1920, still in relatively original condition and still enjoyed on the water by her owner.”

The judges were impressed with the overall standard of entries and with innovations such as Pete Murton’s 1895 fan-tailed clinker, which has been re-fitted with an electric motor.

Other award winning boats were:

Best New Craft and Eventiac Award for the Best Themed Display: wooden kayaks owned by Lindsay Norris, Blenheim

Best Restoration: Cougar jet boat owned by Lindsay and Stuart Mann, Rangiora

Mathieson-Jeffcott Trophy for best inboard-motor craft: runabout Amalfi, owned by John McLean, Timaru

Port Nelson trophy for best row-boat: former Otago pilot boat built in the 1870s, owned by Kevin Hislop, Murchison

Ron Culley Trophy for the Best Steam Boat: Estral, built in the 1940s and owned by Bill Voisey, Blenheim

Johnson Family Trophy for the Best Sail Powered Craft: Tiptoe, replica Cape Cutter, built in 2013 and owned by Stephen Jarvis, Christchurch

Best outboard motor craft: 1960 Safacraft owned by Pete McCaw of Christchurch

CWF Hamilton Trophy for the Best Jet Propelled Craft: Rakaia, a1979 jet boat owned by Chris Richards of Blenheim

Innovation award: 1895 fantail clinker Blue Duck, now powered by an electric motor and owned by Pete Murton of Nelson

Best Amercan craft: 1953 Cris Craft Catherine, imported to New Zealand in 2016 by the owner Rick Wilkie

Best clinker: Wee Poppa, built in 1950 and owned by Steve Gorrie, Nelson

People’s Choice, voted for on the day: 1969 Foiling Sunburst owned by Gary Thomlinson of Christchurch.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    So missing live shows and with Panther covered and winterized on this 28 degree morning todays article/blog was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you. Too many boats and pics to comment on so I’ll just say AWSOME.

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Great pictures and even greater to see an actual boat show. Really hopeful to have boat shows back in Michigan this summer.

    Started working on getting the boats ready for the season and it feels really good!

  3. Indian Lake Jeff
    Indian Lake Jeff says:

    That my friends is what we all needed to shake us out of our winter doldrums. CAN NOT wait until we return to these shows here and a chance to meet up with old/new friends!

  4. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow, talk about variety. Classics, sail boats, three points, drag boats, home built, steam power and some really unique marine power conversions. Thanks for sharing. It was great to be part of a boat show again!

  5. Tony F.
    Tony F. says:

    No masks and no mask-holes! I guess they finally “stopped the spread” — the spread of stupidity and mindless fear.

    Which unfortunately you supported, Matt. Can we get back to pictures of the Reedville Railway, please?

    • Cliff
      Cliff says:

      This is because they followed mask guidelines and listened to Dr’s and scientists instead of Karen from the homeowners association who has a degree in tunafish casserole baking with space lazers.

      • Indian Lake Jeff
        Indian Lake Jeff says:

        “This is because they followed mask guidelines and listened to Dr’s and scientists instead of Karen from the homeowners association who has a degree in tunafish casserole baking with space lazers.”

        I’ll have you know that Karen’s tuna casserole is to die for…..

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      You won’t find anyone in healthcare who agrees with you. Please don’t confuse your Google search with those that have actual degrees. Watch a lot of people die in your hospital then rethink your stand. Sorry Matt, I very rarely comment on this issue. Feel free to delete.

      • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
        Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

        Can we just escape th COVID pandemic in our own home for a Sunday morning, and go to a Boatshow. That was very cool. There were a lot of different boats of all types there. A lot of nice stuff. Gives me hope for 2021. Thanks for sharing.

        • Tparsons56
          Tparsons56 says:

          Mark – Totally agree!! The boat show pictures were perfect for today. Thanks Matt, Phil and Jacquetta!

    • Todd Johnson
      Todd Johnson says:

      Yeap, there are a few old jetboats with this type of trailer. Basically you back to trailer in until the boat floats , then disconnect it at the spreader bar that runs across the top of the boat then slowly reverse away…
      once we’ve all had that covid jab please do plan your trip down to New Zealand , truely massive Classic boat following here…. all welcome …

  6. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    man that made me blue about Dora! Great boats and pics…check out the finned aluminum jet drive deal…wow!

    John in Va.

  7. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    ThAt trailer may be a Holsclaw , at least similar. You can drop the boat in very swallow water. Jet boats were used to run up river to the Outback in AU. Could run in a few inches of water.

      • Tommyholm
        Tommyholm says:

        Phil, thanks for the correction. Geez I wasn’t even on the correct continent, the land of the long white cloud shall remain “jet boat land”.

    • Lee Wangstad
      Lee Wangstad says:

      The trailer is very much like a Holsclaw Boat-Roadster. The boat is suspended with a strap that goes under the boat, much like a sling with the bow held by a chain or strap. It almost looks like this one is connected to the covering board. Yes, the axle goes up and over the boat. The boat, Vulcan, almost looks like a Glen-L Swish done in aluminum rather than plywood. Lots of diversity at this show. If I start swimming right now, maybe I’ll make it there by next year’s show!

  8. Grahame Carbery
    Grahame Carbery says:

    Brings back memories of my water skiing days with a Leo young 16ft ski boat and a 253 holden V8 Those were the days in 1968
    You guys at the Beautiful lake Rotoiti do a fabulous job Pete and your team.

  9. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    The Presque Isle Harbor Wooden Boat Show is a go for the third weekend of June 2021. It’s looking to be one of the best shows ever in the harbor. Models and all.

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