It’s Dress To Go Woody Boating Day!


Here I am at Woody Boater control with my 2011 Tahoe Show shirt on!

It’s going to be 60 here in Virginia today, 54 in Boston, 40 in Tahoe, 43 in Clayton, 37 in Algonac. So, it aint cold out there, so today. I am wearing boating clothes. I put on my Tahoe shirt and orange deck shoes. I even put on some sun screen as cologne. Eua de Summer I call it. I put a little high test in there with it..

Ditch the socks and let those piggys breath!

So today wile I am in meetings talking about some drama of the day. I can be out on my boat just zipping around.. So get out your deck shoes and lets go boating! By the way.. It’s going to be 86 in Tavaras today! AHHHHHHHH, just 27 days til Lake Dora! Click here and sign up!

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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Bravo! I’m at Grand Lake to attend our annual Heartland Classics restoration workshop. The water looks gorgeous! It’s gonna be 65 here!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Sounds good for teday, but a prediction for 5+ inches of snow for Algonac tomorrow may make it shortlived. The Water Lily is waitng patiently for me in the barn. It won’t be long now!

  3. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    85 in Austin yesterday! Just had to take “Old Paint” for a spin. Sorry, but in August it will be too hot.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Gotta play some Jimmy Buffet too. Wish I was on vacation because even though it’s 9AM a Margarita is sounding pretty good right now. If only……..

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      I prefer not to have to start a new career at this point in my life unless WoodyBoater is hiring at a commensurate salary, or I could just move into your VA house, keep an eye on Suzy for you and make sure there is never too much beer in the refrigerator. Otherwise I’ll just play Jimmy and wait until it’s 5 o’clock here, which sounds like a safer bet.

      • Dennis J. Mykols
        Dennis J. Mykols says:

        Your post reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song called “Gypsies in the Palace”. Throw someone in the pool Snake…

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It snowed here last night and this morning, and I have about 6 weeks worth of work to finish up by March 1st so it is stare at a computer and swear a lot day again.

    I’ll have to wait a bit longer for woodyboater shirt day. That is if I ever am given the privelege of owning one.

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    Dress To Go Woody Boating Day? Dang. Yet again, I forgot to buy a card. As for you people ranging from 65-85 (degrees) today, play hookey. Life’s short. Days like that are a gift to lift the spirits. Those of us in Hessel have to settle for playing hockey.

  7. Jim Godlewski
    Jim Godlewski says:

    All us Michiganders get your snowblowers and snow shovels ready. Its coming tonight. Winter storm warnings are out… no heat wave here DANG it…

  8. Jimmuh
    Jimmuh says:

    Matt – nice to see you’re still livin’ in the C-D days…a little Persian rug and a pillow on the floor, just back from a quick jog on the boardwalk, a brew just out of the corner of the pic; all the best ideas come this way….

  9. Jim Mersman
    Jim Mersman says:

    Storm coming in grand rapids. Like the ground hog, I crawled back in my den for more winter. Pontoon ride is going to have to wait.

  10. Victor Fabricius
    Victor Fabricius says:

    75 at 4pm at Lake Lanier, a little choppy and floating debris from storms so no boating, so 25 miles on my “new paint” carbon fiber Cannondale SuperSix, did 40 miles Saturday, 5 miles yesterday trail running, 11 mile trng run Sunday, getting ready for the half marathon trail run Sat @ Ft Yargo.

  11. 72 Hornet
    72 Hornet says:

    Its break out the Rover day here in Iowa. Snowing like crazy, so car was tucked in the garage until further notice! We are sending it over to Michigan! New motor mounts, carb cleaning and basic run through on the old Chris to get it ready for the trip to Florida. If that fails, then maybe the Donzi will be going south…Nah, gotta have some wood on this trip!

  12. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    It is not even cold enough for the polar bear club meeting. Guess I will have to forget the plunge and stick to building cabinets next to one of the Lymans. Just another Look at your WoodyBoat Day.

  13. DonD
    DonD says:

    How the heck did you get ‘Varnish Spot’ on your shoe?

    And.., Just what is that on the lower shelf, between your feet, that you focused on?

  14. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    74.8 degrees here on top the mountian in Central VA. Heck with the suntan lotion, if I can get a sunburn on Feb 23 I’LL TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Sunday night we had 8+ inches of snow in the front yard.

  15. Dennis J. Mykols
    Dennis J. Mykols says:

    8 inches of snow here in Spring Lake, Mi. we did not have any snow on the ground yesterday, now we got to startr all over again melting this stuff.
    I knew I should have taken Old School out for a spin during the last week in January, when there was no ice on Spring Lake… Sure hope we do not have to pay for this nice weather here in Michigan come May and June…

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