It’s Launchtime At Sierra Boat Co! The 2016 ACBS International Begins.


Mmmm, Strawberry and whip cream love.. mmmmmm

We had the pre events, then the events and now the launch, or is it all really all of it. One full week of all you can eat fun. It’s a metaphor, run with me here. Now, thanks again to Herb Hall from Sierra Boat Co. on stunning Lake Tahoe for sending in some yummy shots of Launchtime. And sorry, or not, no captions, so we get to make them up. Woohoo!


Hail to the Chef -1947-25-sportsman – Get it. Chef, Chief.


Do you have a reservation? We have some seating available at 10 tonight.


Its like a salad bar full of mahogany!


The Seirra Boat co final-preparations. Thats a bow line garnish there


Lee Chase in his1932 Sea Lyon . Looks like the cold plate to me.


Jeff and Linda Petersonss-1969 Riva Aquarama – Is she checking him out there? I tell ya, nothing hotter than a man with a green rag!


I like my boats a little pink in the middle – Dan Arenas Arena Barricuda


Dan Arenas-Arena Barricuda Sportster from above. The gods view


Stirring the mahogany soup for Launchtime. Its a metaphor..again


Chris-Craft-16-Special-Runabout no food metaphor, its just cool. Sans Mouse droppings I bet.


Alan Thomas-16-spacial-runabout –


1947-25-sportsman – Its a feast for the eyes.

OK, now if you will excuse me I am starving for some reason. If you are headed out to Tahoe this weekend, stop at the Log Cabin Cafe for breakfast By the way. Perfect setting and perfect pancakes.  Oh man, those flapjacks are sooooo good. Mmmmm better than underssing Miss America good.

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    • Mike Green
      Mike Green says:

      They have a few on the lake that are usable but this allows the owners to just lift them off the trailer right in the marina. They can do about one every 10 minutes. Some of the small boats and all of the larger ones will use the ramps and drive over.

  1. 7FTCWBY
    7FTCWBY says:

    I just saw video of a brief morning snow shower over the show boats. What are the odds that a flurry hits the 2016 Show in California. I mean last year was Minnesota which could have been in a blizzard but nope global warming made for perfect weather. The forecast does say that Tahoe will be b-e-a-utiful today so have 2 cups of coffee in the lodge and then hit the docks.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    wow, what an odd background scene??? I don’t get….but then I have never been there…..great boats….inside a steel basin?

    Wings and Wheels and Keels in Topping Va. this weekend!!!!
    tis the season….

    John in Va.

  3. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Water is down 9 ft. So the break walls are very high. 28 this morning at least it’s not snowing. Sun is shining today and it’s boat show day. Going all the way up to 61 so having a slow start to the day. 102 in Scacarmento to 28 here it’s been an interesting trip.

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