It’s Payback Time! No Last Gasps In Sunnyland.

Just wipe those sun tanned smiles off your faces gentlemen!

Well, we can’t say we didnt see this coming. Our Florida “Pals” emailed us with the kindest jabs about our silly little last gasps! NO LAST GASPS in Florida. I suppose its fair play, since we did give them some crap all summer. It is officially Florida Time now. Only 115 days-ish til Lake Dora. Oh, that’s a looong time. Especially if they keep sending us stories.  This years show is going to be unique for sure, and we are calling it here, will turn out to be more fun than any show before. Sometimes great things come from bad things. Here is Pete Devetos message from the Lake Dora area! GRRRRRR. It’s 50 here in VA and snowing up on Torch lake.

T Parsons 56 sent this yesterday from Michigan!

What a beautiful day on Lake Dora as we hold our annual Sunnyland banquet and meeting this weekend. Blue skies and low 70’s to start the day as we all get together and head out for a cruise and lunch.

It’s Sunny in…Sunnyland!

No snow here. Just snow birds

The ole town is busy with crafts and a car show to go along with boating event.
As usual we do not foresee any Last Gasp around here, just beautiful boating weather.
All the best to our fellow boaters!
Pete DeVito

Thats that 25 Sportsman I lust after. YOU EVIL DOGS. It’s not enough to taunt me with your snazzy sunny weather, now you have to toss in a dream boat! AND SHORTS

Is that a tool box? Did ya check the? And the? or maybe its the?

Shorts, sun, warmth, smiles, and friendship. But are they really happy? YES! Of course they are!

NEED A REALTOR IN THE AREA, Fellow WoodyBoater Lou Ronca gets it. HERE

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  1. warren
    warren says:

    Bad thing about living here, we never know when to haul the boat out of the water for maintenance.

    Yesterday we spent a very pleasant day on the boat just in the slip doing a few things, but mainly just listening to smooth jazz, chatting, and having some dinner

    • warren
      warren says:

      You just have to fix stuff when it breaks !!!
      Or when you get around to it depending on what it is.
      Bottom maintenance can get a little lacking though

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Personally I enjoy the “Four-Seasons” with a touch more summer than the other three. For one it provides a good excuse to break away in March to enjoy Lake Dora and some early summer weather while there’s still a chance of snow around home.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Looks like loads of fun!

    What am I missing? You are lusting after a 25SP but you have one of the coolest ones that I have ever seen, and it even has a new Katz’s finish.

  4. BobbyBoat
    BobbyBoat says:

    Last Run Nov. 3, 2017 9 A.M. on the Naversink River in NJ and the only one out before ending the season.

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